Mionix unveils an innovative, new gaming mouse!


Mionix™, the Swedish manufacturer of professional high-end gaming
accessories today unveiled their new gaming mouse, Mionix™ Naos 5000. Ergonomically designed and stuffed with new and innovative features, Mionix™ Naos 5000 not only stands out from the crowd, it sets new standards when it comes to comfort, tracking capacity and customization options.
"When we started this project our goal was to create a fully adjustable and innovative gaming mouse with unique features. It has been very challenging and we put in a lot of effort to archieve our goals. Mionix™ Naos 5000 is a big step forward to become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of gaming accessories with a wide range of gaming products that gamers can identify themselves with. We are very proud to be the first Swedish manufacturer of gaming accessories to develop a gaming mouse”, says Carl Conradsson, Mionix.



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The design of Mionix™ Naos 5000 is interesting due to the fully support to all five fingers. It has been under development since the beginning of this year and has been tested by gamers, both professionals and amateurs in order to find the perfect ergonomic grip.
The new innovative weight tuning system is completely new to the market. Gaming mice with traditional positioned weight tuning systems sometimes gets heavy in the back. In order to prevent this, Mionix™ Naos 5000 has a centralized weight tuning system that improves the weight distribution of the mouse. Another stunning feature is the S.Q.A.T (Surface Quality Analyzer Tool), a smart tool that measures the tracking quality of the mousepad surface.
Mionix™ Naos 5000 carries only carefully chosen high-end components. The 6 integrated LEDs supports extensive color options and can be configured from the software among other functions such as adjustable lift-distance, dpi sensitivity, macros and much more. Mionix™ Naos 5000 also has a built-in memory that manages up to 5 profiles, when you go on LAN just plug in your mouse and start immediately, no driver or other software needs to be installed.
This prominent gaming mouse is named after the star Naos, a blue super giant and one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. Naos means “ship” and is enough powerful to create comet tails and huge clouds of auroras visible from Earth. Naos is constantly moving away from its original position in the constellation of Vela and it spins about 100 times faster than our sun. Since its birth it has covered a distance of 400 light-years. No one knows exactly why Naos has such a high rotation speed, but an explanation to this phenomenon lies in the gravitational interaction between many other stars.
Truly ergonomic design
      Truly ergonomic design with support for all five fingers
Maximum grip
      The rubber coating ensures a maximum grip
Balanced weight tuning system
      A unique weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution
5040 dpi laser sensor
      Remarkable tracking performance built for gaming
128 kb built-in memory
      Bring your settings and recorded macros with you stored into one of the 5 profiles
Customizable LED light system
      Personalize your mouse with extensive color options
S.Q.A.T – Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
      Surface Quality Analyzer tool to measure the tracking quality on a certain surface
3 steps customizable dpi in-game adjustment
      Set 3 dpi values and switch easily between them in-game
7 programmable buttons
      The buttons can be assigned to any key, mouse command or macro
In-game profile switch
      Switch easy with a click between stored profiles in-game
Adjustable polling rate
      Tune it all the way up to 1000Hz through the software
Plug n Play
      Completely Plug n Play, software needed only for configuration
Mionix™ Naos 5000 presskit:
» Download here
Mionix™ Naos 5000 will be available worldwide in December 2009
Recommended price: 71,99 € +VAT



Mionix™ was founded in 2007 and the head office is situated in south of Sweden. Their goal is to develop gaming gear with high performance and suitability for all type of players. Mionix™ stands for quality, design and a touch of innovation. The Mionix crew are all specialists with a lot of experience of e-gaming which is a must to be able to bring forward top products to gamers. All Mionix™ products are named after visible stars in the sky and the combination of innovation & performance helps you to stay "light-years ahead of the game!"
For more information, visit mionix.net