Mobile Fun to Carry Exotic Skin Cases for Galaxy S4

Mobile Fun is a great place to find pretty much anything for you mobile needs, they carry everything mobile really. If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and want a case that’s just a little different, they’re now taking pre-orders for Piel Frama cases made from Lizard, Ostrich or even Crocodile calfskin. The cases are handmade and takes 21 days to make each one of them. Of course they have a rather high price tag coming in about about $152 each, but you can expect a high price for any kind of luxury item like this so it’s not a surprise really.




Mobile Fun, the UK’s leading online retailer of mobile phone accessories, will soon receive stock of premium Piel Frama iMagnum cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the highest quality ostrich, lizard and crocodile calfskin leather.

Piel Frama cases are handmade by skilled craftsmen over a 21 day period. The high quality of the leather used and the attention to detail during the manufacturing process make these cases the premium choice in terms of style and protection for Galaxy S4 users.

The iMagnum covers have a flip on the front which fully covers the front of the smartphone and protects the screen. When not in use, the handset is protected from bumps, drops and scratches from all sides.

Each Piel Frama Samsung Galaxy S4 flip cover features a removable and adjustable belt clip which provides a very practical solution for carrying the smartphone.

The premium Piel Frama iMagnum Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in either ostrich, lizard or crocodile calfskin leather can be pre-ordered from Mobile Fun now.


Here’s a link to the specific Piel Frama cases for you: