Moneual Announces Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Wet Mop

Every time I get one of these press releases about a robot vacuum I miss the one I had. Actually I had two of them and they both died after a few years of use, but they were great while they worked. So anyway, Moneual has just announced the Rydis H67 robot vacuum but it’s also a wet mop and it knows the difference between carpet and regular flooring so it will only mop when it needs to. I’ve only had the chance to refinish my kitchen, so I’ve got carpet everywhere else sadly. I hate carpeting but I needed to put something down do we could move in and know there’s too much stuff to do the floors. So the Rydis H67 has a price of $399 and it’s available exclusively at Best Buy.



Moneual, designer of innovative home products that improve quality of life, introduces the latest addition to its Better Home, Better Life line with the Hybrid H67 Rydis, available exclusively at Best Buy. The Rydis H67 robot vacuum and wet mop features seven different cleaning modes and has the ability to vacuum, mop or mop and vacuum simultaneously. While on mopping mode the H67 goes to work for five hours, leaving you time to make dinner for the family or enjoy some downtime on the couch.

The Rydis H67 has twin side brushes that clean corners where typical vacuums can’t reach while a multi-suction brush sweeps and collects dust into the vacuum. A detachable microfiber wet mop cleans hard floor surfaces and recognizes when the mop is attached, avoiding carpeted areas or rugs while cleaning. So even if you’re using your Rydis to mop and vacuum at the same time, no need to worry that the mop will soak your carpet or rugs.

Whatever your needs are, simply set Rydis H67 to one of its seven different cleaning modes, and sit back as it takes on the task. No corner goes untouched with cleaning modes such as automatic clean, corner clean, concentrated clean, manual clean, shadow clean, reservation clean, and mop cleaning mode. Reservation mode even allows you to set the H67 to clean at the same time every day, so set it to clean while you’re at work and come home to fresh, sparkling floors. Shadow mode detects and cleans shadowed places we may not think to clean, like under furniture and beds. A slim 3.23-inch height allows the H67 to scurry under just about everything and collect unseen dust and dirt.

Protect your furniture and your family using the H67. While Rydis helps eliminate allergens and pet hair and dander to keep your family healthy, its Smart Sensor System ensures your home stays beautiful by detecting obstacles and preventing collision or scuffing. Featuring a 4th generation Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery that’s environmentally friendly, Rydis also does its part to stay green.

Rydis’ powerful, high-performance BLDC Motor delivers an unrivaled clean that lasts 10 times longer than a standard DC motor, or up to 5,000 hours, which means you have 5,000 less hours to worry about cleaning and 5,000 more to spend with family or friends.

Make your life easier with Rydis H67, now available exclusively at Best Buy for $399. For more information, visit


  • Vacuum System Suction + Brush
  • Suction Motor BLDC Motor
  • Size: 14.72”(D) X 3.23”(H)
  • Weight: 5.95 lb
  • Dust Bin Capacity: 600cc
  • Battery: LiFePO4, 2800mA
  • Charging Time: 120min.
  • Operating Time: 100min. (Suction + Mopping)
  • Mopping Time: 300 min. (Mopping only)