Review of SMS Audio Street by 50 Wired On Ear Headphones

Good headphones are important if you like music I think and I don’t understand how people who spends hundreds of dollars on a media player can just accept and use the stock ones that come with it. It just makes no sense to me. The trend in headphones over the past year or so seems to be headphones with big names on them like Beats by Dre and Soul by Ludacris but now we have a new entry by 50 Cent and his SMS Audio line of products. Today for review I have the SMS Audio Street by 50 Wired On Ear Headphones which feature a foldable design making them very portable but they included a nice carrying case for you to help protect he headphones. The headphones come in a variety of colors so there’s one for your personal style. The Street by 50 one ear headphones feature 40mm drivers in them to offer a warm and well balanced sound and there’s even a removable audio cable with in-line remote and microphone. Read on…



So let’s start this off with an unboxing video, watch it then continue on for the rest of the review.


The Street by 50 On Ear headphones come in a very large and sturdy box with lots of pictures and information on all the sides.

street1 street2

 street3 street4


The front, with the pictures, is actually a slip cover over a blue box with a magnetic clasp on it that opens to reveal a picture of 50 Cent wearing the headphones.

street5 street6


The box opens again and you’ll see a case on the left and a small pocket on the right.



In the pocket you’ll find a user guide, product brochure and a cleaning cloth.



The case is a semi-hard  to protect the headphones inside and it’s blue and black which matches the headphones.  The ones I got are blue and black, but there are other color choices available.



The case is football shaped and opens in half with a zipper all around the outside, when open you’ll see the headphones and a small plastic bag.

street10 street11


The cord is on the side obviously so it’s detachable and both 3.5mm connectors are gold plated for the best signal transmission. The end connector is at a right angle which some people can appreciate I’m sure. The cord itself is a rubber style which is meant to be tangle free and it’s about  56 inches long not including the tips themselves.



In line you’ll find a single button remote and a microphone. The button can be used to answer/end calls and for play and pause of you music if your device supports it.

street13 street14


The headphones are foldable for storage which I’m sure you noticed when they were in the case.



Here’s the headphones unfolded, honestly they look rather plain and I like it. I’m not one for flashy so these work well for me. The headphones are very lightweight, but yet they feel solidly made.



On the top of the headband is the SMS Audio logo and under that is a leather padded section with colored stitching that matches the colors.

street20 street19


The headphones themselves have 40mm drivers in them and they are tuned for a more balanced sound that should make them sound great with any type of music. You’ll notice the material over the speakers is of the same color so it matches. This is a great attention to detail, who really looks inside of their headphones, they could have made them black and no one would have really cared I would think, but it’s nice to the color scheme all around.

street17 street26


The headphones are marked right and left for you, and they expand to fit your head size as any good pair should. The one thing to note here is the thick metal of the bar, these aren’t going to break on you. You’ll also note the wire going through the middle, it’s not just a plastic wire, it’s actually cloth braided for durability. Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of these headphones and I very much like the attention to detail.

street18 street25


On the outsides of the headphones you’ll find the SMS Audio logo in the color scheme.



On the bottom of the left earpiece is the 3.5mm audio jack.



The earpieces are on a swivel and they do move a few degrees in and out on the top and bottom to help them fit the shape of your head or ears better.

street23 street24



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