Motorola Helps Consumers Adapt to New Hands-Free Laws During Holiday Season

Three new products from Motorola have just been announced. They are the Finiti, CommandOne and Roadster. These hands-free devices are designed with integrated ability to allow users to respond to texts with their voice.

Using the latest in Bluetooth technology, the devices not only offer solutions for hands-free calling, but for text messaging as well. The MotoSpeak feature uses text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology so you can hear your texts when they arrive and dictate a response, improving smart solutions for hands-free communication. With five new states introducing or enforcing bans on texting or handset use while driving this season, including Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, Motorola offers smart solutions for hands-free communication.


Hands-Free Productivity Challenges
On December 9 in Wilmington, Del., Motorola will demonstrate how easy it can be to communicate hands-free without sacrificing productivity or convenience.

Residents in Wilmington will have the opportunity to attend a special event to experience product demos and participate in a holiday multi-tasking challenge to benefit a local charity. Attendees will test their hands-free productivity by answering holiday trivia via hands-free texting while wrapping presents for children in need this holiday season. Participants will have a chance to win one of the new devices featuring MotoSpeak™, just in time for use during the hectic holiday season. Wilmington residents can follow Motorola on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about the event location and time. Milwaukee residents also had the opportunity to test out the new hands-free devices first hand on December 3.

“Transitioning to hands-free devices is easier than most people may think,” said Wayne White, corporate vice president, Companion Products, Motorola Mobile Devices. “These special events are a unique opportunity for consumers to experience the convenience of the devices first hand, while testing out their multi-tasking skills.”

Along with the hands-free headsets and devices, Motorola offers a variety of products that make a smart gift for anyone on your list this holiday season. For more information on these and other products, please visit And, for specifics on new local legislation, visit