MountMe Introduces X-Me, Car and Wall Mounting Solution for Xbox, Wii, PlayStation and More

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There’s just something about the name MountMe that makes me sort of giggle just a bit when I hear it. Seriously though if you need  away to secure your gaming console in your car or even to a wall then you might be interested in their new product called the X-Me. The X-Me is made from acrylic and has a non-slip base along with durable security straps to hold your console in place.




MountMe, dedicated to bringing universal mounting solutions for personal electronics, introduces the X-Me, the universal mounting accessory designed to safely and securely mount your gaming console in your car or house.

Simplicity blended with usability and portability, the X-Me is designed for all gaming consoles, including Xbox, Wii and Playstation, giving users the option of taking your favorite games on the road.  Made from highest quality acrylics on the market, the X-Me features a non-slip base and durable security straps to prevent the console from sliding. 
“While portable gaming systems can be entertaining, nothing beats the experience of a full gaming system,” says Brien Spina, Founder of MountMe.  “The X-Me gives you the flexibility of having one system for your house and the road.”
For users seeking to maximize space, the X-Me is also wall mountable and removable using screws.  The X-Me is currently available for $69.99 at

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