New Kisai Radioactive Watch from Tokyoflash Japan Now Available

Here’s a quick post to start the day for you, Tokyoflash Japan has just announced the Kisai Radioactive Watch and like all watches from them it’s very unique. The Kisai Radioactive reminds me of something out of a 70s or 80s movies or TV show and that’s not a bad thing. The watch is priced at $139 but that’s just the introductory price until August 21st.

kisai_radioactive_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_09 kisai_radioactive_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_01 kisai_radioactive_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_02 kisai_radioactive_watch_from_tokyoflash_japan_04 

Tokyoflash Japan has just released a new LED watch design Kisai Radioactive.
"Danger lights flash from beneath a vibrant display panel that indicates the time. An industrial looking brushed stainless steel case with matching strap creates a striking contrast. A bold design, Kisai Radioactive was originally a concept on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog, designed by Tokyoflash fan Hitoshi Yamada from Japan. It is a USB rechargeable LED watch featuring time and light up animation."
Kisai Radioactive is available at the special release price of $139 (€100, £84) for 48 hours until Thursday August 21st at 11am Japan time.
there is a video demo here on our YouTube channel.