Nucleus Internet Intercom Keeps You in Touch with Everyone Wirelessly

I’ve always wanted an intercom system in my home, I hate yelling up or down the steps after my kids, but I’ve never seriously looked into it, but I still think it would be very useful to have in the home. My wife would call me on my cellphone instead of yelling downstairs for me, not sure why she stopped doing that but whatever, it worked for the most part I guess. The Nucleus Internet Intercom system is about to launch and it’s a  wireless system that works over your internet or network and it has an HD camera along with touchscreen display and you can even access it via your phone while you’re away to see what’s going on. There’s no exact price price listed for it, just “under $200” and there isn’t really much in the way of details on their website about it, but I’m still very much interested..


A new technology called “Nucleus” is a smart, Internet-connected intercom system that allows users to instantly connect via audio or video to anyone on the same system – whether they are in the next room or the next country.  One tap and Nucleus can help call the family for dinner, check on a baby, or have a face-to-face conversation with an aging parent.
What makes Nucleus unique is that instead of bad audio and expensive wiring, Nucleus uses Wi-Fi, an HD camera, and a touch screen to provide a higher-quality intercom at a fraction of the price.  And because Nucleus is Internet-connected, it allows home-owners to extend the intercom system anywhere in the world. The Nucleus Intercom System is ideal for parents checking on kids in other rooms in the home; for parents at work checking on kids in the home; family members checking on elderly parents living alone; as is also great for use as a baby monitor….all with just one tap on the screen.  
Nucleus is installed throughout the home, so it becomes the ideal hub of the "connected home" – integrating with other smart home appliances as well.

Nucleus was invented by entrepreneur Jonathan Frankel out of his frustration with traditional intercom systems.  In early 2013, Frankel was renovating his home and wanted an intercom system to keep tabs on his three little boys; (they had a tendency to destroy the house when not being watched).  But when all the quotes came in above $3,000 for the same system his parents installed twenty years ago, Jonathan went looking for a wireless option.  Realizing that none existed, Jonathan decided to launch Nucleus to help others in his position.

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