New MultiTouch 21.5 – 27 Inch Overlay Debuts on CES

Touchscreens are awesome truly, but their price isn’t. Not many people can afford the cost of a nice sized touchscreen monitor. PQ Labs has comes out with an overlay for 21.5” up to 27” monitors that can basically turn any LCD into a touch screen.

With PQ Labs true MultiTouch technology, the screen can detect and track up to 32 touch fingers simultaneously enabling a whole new way to interact with the computer.  "If you’ve watched the movie ‘Inception’, you might be able to do the ‘Inception’ the Multi-Touch way, where you can build the 3D models and dream scene in the computer, control and interact with it naturally using Multi-Touch gestures", said Frank Lu, CEO of PQ Labs. "After you make some experiments and get a good new idea in the virtual world, come back to implement it in the real world." touch

For years, Multi-Touch technology has been struggling hard to enter into mainstream non-mobile devices. Since PC monitors have substantially much larger screen area than an iPod or iPad, other technologies fail to provide the true Multi-Touch experience at an affordable price for consumers. Microsoft has been promoting Multi-Touch and Surface tables for years. However, the Surface table is priced at $12,500. And the price of the new Surface 2.0 to be available in late 2011 will start from $7,600. The price will be made more affordable, but it is still far away from the consumer market.

With PQ Labs’ patented technology, smart new design and lower bill of material cost, you can now get yourself ahead of time to have true Multi-Touch experience directly from your computer monitors.

The suggested retail price of the new PQ Labs MultiTouch 24-inch overlay starts from $449 with Multi-Touch apps and SDK included. The basic version of the PQ Labs overlay can detect up to 6 touch fingers simultaneously and the Plus version can detect up to 32 touch fingers, which is more than enough for the size of a 24 inch screen. The 24" and 27" model will be ready to ship in January 2011, while the 21.5" model will be available in later Q1, 2011. The PQ Labs Multi-Touch overlay can work with any of your existing PC monitors or any new monitors off-the-shelf. Simply attach the overlay to your display and plug the USB cable to your computer, then get ready to experience of the whole new Multi-Touch user interface enabled. With the latest improvement in PQ Labs’ patented technology, smart and lower cost True Multi-Touch hardware redesign, it might be a good time to upgrade your monitor at home or in the office to see how the future technology will change your life.

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