New Scalable Laptop Bag System to Challenge Global Laptop Bag Brands

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Now this is rather cool, a laptop bag that you can create and change as needed. The 1Bag from Caramazzi is just that, a scalable laptop bag.

The Carmazzi 1bag scalable laptop bag system has received over 2000 blog and Facebook posts relating to what people want in a laptop bag. Carmazzi has translated that information into its scalable 1bag design, which is being rigorously tested by 100 travelers around the globe. These beta 1bag testers will be providing feedback to Carmazzi to further improve the 1bag for productivity, style and ease of use. Meanwhile, Carmazzi is talking to retailers around the globe for distribution of its final upgraded system that was designed by the people, for the people


Why is the 1bag scalable laptop bag system different than any other laptop bag?

Because it is not a single laptop bag, it is multiple bag parts the user configures according to their needs at the time. They can create the ideal bag for their situation on the go. The concept video at: explains it in more detail. The various video reviews identify the various configurations and uses of the Carmazzi 1bag.

But the biggest difference is in the bag’s "Eco System." Because of its segmented structure and flexibility, the 1bag system can support 3 party accessories (Apps) created by external designers and developers and provides a diverse range of styles and functions.


Functions include:

  • Built in Power for your Laptop and USB accessories
  • GPS tracking for the bag
  • Travel Accessories and Expanders
  • Solar Power to run your laptop
  • Diverse designs for "Fashion Flaps" and "Bag Faces"
  • And more…

This is where scalability comes in to play. 1bag customers can choose only what they want and have the diverse choices to do so. The 1bag’s price is USD89.95, a bargain for the double stitched UPC coated Nylon with Neoprene lining. Add pockets, accessories, designs… and customers control their budgets and support their lifestyle.

Carmazzi sees this bag to compete with the big brands because consumers are more complex and needs more diverse than they used to be. According to Arthur Carmazzi, globally recognized Leadership Speaker and architect of the 1bag, "The 1bag was designed by customers to solve their problems, not just carry their laptop, it changes with their needs. Other laptop bags are confined to one design, one weight, and one set of functions."


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