Nintendo’s Wii Fit Plus Takes Fun and Fitness to the Next Level


Wii Fit Plus is here… let’s get fit!

Because no two people are exactly alike, shouldn’t each person’s fitness routine be just as unique? With the Oct. 4 launch of Wii Fit Plus, Nintendo introduces a revolutionary way for consumers to create their own customized workout, delivering new levels of personalization, convenience and enjoyment to at-home fitness. Designed exclusively for the top-selling Wii console, Wii Fit Plus invites all members of the household to make individualized workout routines according to their own unique schedules, activity preferences and fitness goals. For people of any age, background or lifestyle, Wii Fit Plus helps take the “work” out of your workout.

Experienced users and newcomers alike will look forward to every Wii Fit Plus session, thanks to a host of new features and enhancements. In addition to all of the original Wii Fit aerobic, yoga, strength training and balance activities, Wii Fit Plus features more than 20 new activities to step up the fun, including skateboarding and a Segway® course. To suit each user’s schedule, workouts can be set to any duration in five-minute intervals up to an hour, and users can choose from specialized routines that focus on specific fitness goals or target areas. Also, players can now see an estimated amount of calories burned during each workout while tracking their overall progress. Another new feature even incorporates animals by letting players track their pets’ weight and create custom Mii characters for them.


“As the fast pace of the holiday season kicks in, Wii Fit Plus delivers an unbeatable at-home fitness option,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Whether people have specific fitness goals or just want a fun way to stay active, they can create a personalized, productive workout routine that they’ll actually look forward to each day.”

Wii Fit Plus makes use of the innovative Wii Balance Board accessory, an easy-to-use device that detects players’ movements as they enjoy games like Obstacle Course and Perfect 10. Players can also incorporate the Nunchuk controller in activities such as Kung Fu. Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Balance Board are available in a single product package at a suggested retail price of $99.99. Wii users who already own the original Wii Fit can purchase the Wii Fit Plus software separately at a suggested retail price of $19.99. Also, Wii Fit Plus automatically reads and incorporates existing Wii Fit user data, providing a seamless transition for experienced players.

Wii Fit Plus expands on the popularity of the original Wii Fit, which has sold nearly 8 million copies in the United States alone since its release in May 2008, according to the NPD Group. Along with titles like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, the Wii Fit franchise has attracted millions of new and veteran gamers with its easy-to-learn wireless controls and entertaining active-play activities.

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