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14 cents per song isn’t bad at all….  I may have to check this site out..

"When is the last time you purchased a CD"? asks David Randall, CEO of "Chances are if you purchased a CD, it was a blank CD – because record stores today are like dinosaurs – they’re extinct!" is a download music website dedicated to providing consumers a cheap solution to purchasing both hit "singles" songs and "full album" music – while ensuring the highest bit-rate possible.

The site has become increasingly popular for its unusually low prices – selling individual songs for 14 cents while full-albums average around $1. The music is delivered without any DRM (digital rights management) restrictions which allow quick playback on iPhones, iPods, Computers, Webservers, etc.

"Online buy music sites like, & TunesPro have long replaced the conventional music chain stores," says Mark Richards, a 3rd year medical student at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) who claims to be an avid SoundsBox user.

Mark claims to burn at least 3 CDs weekly after legally purchasing the music via SoundsBox, however he complains that paying $1/song per song charged by other competing websites is above his budget.

"As a student, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on music – nor do I have funds to buy special iPods to play the tunes," explains Richards while concluding "people who purchase music online don’t want to be told they cannot burn their music to CD."

According to SoundsBox management, "the low prices are what originally brought clients – but the DRM-Free content delivered allowing consumers to playback their music on any tangible 3rd party format (iPod, iPhone, Laptops) is ultimately what keeps clients returning."

With friendly customer service and a willingness to please the customer, SoundsBox is averaging 630k mp3 downloads per day. The music website allows users to listen to each song for 60 seconds before committing to purchase. The site offers a huge catalogue of music from both mainstream artists as well as independent groups worldwide. There are currently over 2 million songs published on the site to choose from while new releases are being updated on a daily basis.

The site’s goals are to offer quality mp3 music downloads at the cheapest prices possible while maintaining quality customer service and site availability.


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