NuForce Introduces its Entry-Level Audiophile-Grade Earphones Starting at $65

Happy New Year! When it comes to headphones you’ve got plenty of choices that’s for sure, and with choices comes competition and that means decent prices for the consumer. Now I haven’t tried these NuForce earphones, but supposedly they’re fairly decent. Not sure though if $65 for audiophile-grade earphones is true or not, but I’d like to find out.  Anyone out there own any of NuForce brand earphones and can tell me more about them?


NuForce’s enviable reputation for high-performance audio at real-world prices continues in fine form with the NE-700X Earphones. Sharing the limelight with their widely praised NE6 Earphones, the NE-700X features a precision-machined aluminum chassis that minimizes resonance to the vanishing point. Titanium-coated 8mm drivers provide sweet, extended highs, a warm and silky-smooth midrange, authoritative bass, and a lifelike soundstage that far exceeds what one might expect of $65 earphones. The NE-700M model includes a hands-free microphone with a pickup button for answering phone calls and operating your music device’s playback and fast-forward features.

Pricing and Availability

The suggested retail price of the NE-700X Earphones is $65, and the NE-700M $79.