Outdoor Technology Releases Bluetooth Stereo Ear Buds

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Bluetooth is everywhere and it’s getting much more common and useful than just an earpiece that’s for sure. I’ve never heard of Outdoor Technology  but their new OT Tags boast a 32 foot range and 5 hours of music listening or up to 6 hours talk time with a charge time of only 1.45 hours via micro-USB. They look decent and the price is $79.95.

OUTDOOR TECHNOLOGY today announced that their lifestyle branded stereo Bluetooth "OT Tags" have hit the market in both retail and e-commerce channels with resounding success.



The Bluetooth tags, or "dog tags" for the way they hang loosely around the neck when not in use, are an innovative alternative to both typical wired stereo ear bud headphones, and the often business-centric Bluetooth earpiece.  So-Cal based Outdoor Technology®, an action sports and lifestyle accessories brand, feels they have tapped into a market that has seen a rapid progression and need for wireless technology that is no longer limited to techno-geeks and business executives. 

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The hands-free Bluetooth earpiece entered the wireless market out of necessity for individuals looking to use their mobile devices while working or being active, and for drivers in states like California where hands-free mobile phone use has now become law. 

"Many Bluetooth designs from the major manufacturers quickly became uncool," says Mark Horton, former AT&T Mobility executive now Director of Sales for Outdoor Technology®.  "You just don’t see young people wearing Bluetooth earpieces…There’s nothing fun or sexy about them, but carrying the latest Droid phone or iPad is cool, and people tend to get more excited. That’s the response we’re getting from the tags.  Today’s electronics consumers want quality technology that’s both enjoyable to use and lets others know they are ahead of the curve."

What sets these headphones apart from others on the market, aside from being a fully functional stereo Bluetooth set with built in microphone, is the design of the earpieces themselves, which are designed more like a speaker.  Their oblong oval shape and sturdy plastic housing allows both base and treble to resonate more than the standard ear bud, but they’re still small and lightweight, making them easy to wear without being obvious.

"We wanted to wait until the sound quality was where it needed to be.  The richness of the sound is much better than our competitors.  That was always our priority," says Mike Krisztal, Head of Design and New Media for Outdoor Technology®, referring to the 2 years the company spent tweaking the design.  The tags were released at this year’s Outdoor Retailer trade show on January 20th in Salt Lake City.

The tags connect to any Bluetooth enabled device (most phones, PDAs, computers, tablets, etc.) wirelessly, and boast up to 32′ of range.  Once connected, the user can listen to music, advance or rewind the track, pause, and switch to call mode for answering or initiating telephone calls when paired to a mobile phone.  The enclosed lithium ion battery allows for uninterrupted listening for up to 5 hours.  Talk time is typically 6 hours, and standby time is up to 120 hours, with a charge time of 1.45 hours.  Charging is done via the enclosed micro USB mini-cable.  They also come with a reusable acrylic case and multiple sized ear bud replacement pieces.  Available now at select retailers, and online at www.outdoortech.com.  Suggested Retail $79.95



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