Samsung Captivate Froyo Upgrade

Well it actually happened and I’m shocked, but not too impressed. Yes I put Froyo on my Captivate and it seems slower actually and not as responsive. The first thing was that it totally messed up my home screens, I had them all nice the way I wanted them and poof they’re all gone. Guess I’ll spend tonight fixing it. It did add Car and Desk modes which are kind of neat, but I didn’t see a way to configure them, then I didn’t really look too hard either.  I guess tomorrow I’ll head on over to XDA to root it again so I can enable side-loading so I can install what I want, when I want. Stupid AT&T locking phones annoys me about as much as Samsung and their late updates.  Anyway, here’s the info:


Samsung and AT&T are pleased to confirm to Samsung Captivate customers that the Android 2.2 upgrade is now available. Please click here for an FAQ on how to download and install the upgrade. 

Some of the features include:

· USB Tethering

· Mobile Hotspot

· Flash 10.1 Support

· Enhanced Microsoft Exchange Support (Auto-Discovery, Global Address list look-up, Increased Security Features,  and Exchange Calendars)

· Speed and Performance Optimizations

· Ability to Install Apps Directly to SDcard

· More details in the “Android Froyo 2.2 Information For The Captivate” section on Samsung’s site