PeeWee PC Announces Availability of New PeeWee Power Laptop

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Laptops aimed at kids, the PeeWee Power Laptop, well not really a laptop, it’s got an Atom CPU in it with 10.1” screen, 1 gig of ram along with 802.11n and Bluetooth. it’s even got three IUSB ports along with a built-in card reader. It does have a spill resistant keyboard and even comes with a three year no fault warranty and a ‘regular’ lifetime warranty.

PeeWee PC places an emphasis on security and also includes its PeeWee Patrol and PeeWee Privacy software on every computer it builds.  PeeWee Patrol provides parents with an aggressive internet watchdog program that both monitors their children’s activity and blocks websites flagged as inappropriate.  PeeWee Privacy allows parents to restrict access to certain files and folders on the laptop’s hard drive and enables moms and dads to set time restrictions on how long and when their children are using their computer.


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