Thecus Technology Launches the N7700+ NAS Server

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A new NAS box from Thecus called the N7700+ has just launched and this thing is a beast. it’s got an Intel Celeron M in it along with 2 gigs of ddr2 ram and it’s capable of running 10G ethernet speeds! Yes that’s 10G ethernet, now that’s fast. It’s a seven bay nas box supporting up to 14TB of storage that has a built-in PCIE x8 slot for the optional 10G ethernet card. Raid modes include JBOD, 0,1,5,6, and 10 along with Vmware supprt as well.

Thecus constantly engineers new ways to squeeze the maximum performance from existing technologies. The N7700+ one-ups its predecessor by including an internal PCIe x8 slot. Compared to the x1 slot found in the N7700, the N7700+’s PCIe slot offers up to eight times more bandwidth, which makes it perfect for 10Gb Ethernet cards. Outfitted with one of these cards, the N7700+ is fully compatible with the latest 10Gb networks, delivering unprecedented data transfer rates for the most demanding users.


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