PENTAX K-x Colors Coming to America


To me a camera should be black in color, I don’t know why I think that but that’s just my thinking on the subject. Anyway, Pentax has just announced that you can get their K-X line of camera in either red, white, blue or black, but if that isn’t enough colors you can now get them in bright blue, orange, green and purple.. gack.. a purple camera?! So if you’ve always a wanted a colorful camera then your wait is over!

Since the popular PENTAX K-x first shipped in October 2009, the camera has received high acclaim as one of the most affordable and well-equipped digital SLRs on the market today. Priced at $649.95 USD (for body with DA L 18-55mm lens), the extremely compact and lightweight PENTAX K-x offers one-handed shooting design and simple, easy-to-use operation making it perfect for users stepping up from a point and shoot digital camera to their first digital SLR. The PENTAX K-x offers photographic performance that challenges higher class DSLR models and offers several features that set this camera apart in the entry-level category. All eight PENTAX K-x body colors are now available for pre-order exclusively at 63398833427334679429466K-x_White_DA L 18-55mm_3QView_sm  63398833452431480890239Kx_Navy_3QView_18-55mm_TransBckgrnd 63398833475528039061012K-x_Red_DA L 18-55mm_3QView_sm 63398833340433488594276Kx_Front View_18-55_FlashUp_sm