Samsung Introduces Pocket-Sized, Full-HD Camcorder with Swiveling Lens

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This looks to be Samsungs answer to the Flip camera, and it seems like a good one! The new HMX-E10 camera features full 1080p HD resolution with a swiveling lens that goes 270 degrees. It also has a built-in USB connection for transferring photos, movies and charging the battery, so no cored needed.

Samsung has also strived to simplify the way consumers share content with others through the HMX-E10, with the innovative built-in USB port function. The USB feature enables users to connect the camcorder directly to any computer without added attachments like a USB cable, allowing consumers to share important moments wherever they are. The USB connection can also be used to charge the battery.

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At the heart of the HMX-E10 is a large, high-performance 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor that captures impressive 1920×1080 full HD resolution video (30p / H.264) as well as eight mega-pixel digital still images. On the back of the camcorder is a versatile, 2.7-inch wide, touch-screen LCD that is set vertically. When recording video, the HMX-E10’s LCD screen is divided into two sections; the top displays the live view showing what is currently in the frame and the bottom displays a series of touch-screen controls, including record, stop and play. Consumers can even rotate the swivel lens to utilize this screen to put themselves in the frame, allowing them to step out from behind the camcorder and become part of the action. When reviewing footage, consumers hold the HMX-E10 horizontally, so that they can leverage the entire display to view their video in widescreen.


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