Boost Mobile Introduces the Motorola Rambler and Bali

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The Motorola Rambler is a unique looking phone for sure, it’s like a fat little flip phone, don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this. It’s the flip-phone style, but it features a full QWERTY keyboard for quick and easy text messaging and emails.. It also features 1.3mp camera and will be available on August 11th for $99.99. The PR also mentions the release of the Motorola Bali on the same day, but it’s just your standard flip-phone it seems.

Motorola Rambler will be available Aug. 11 at for $99.99 (excluding taxes) with free shipping. The phone is also available now through Boost Mobile exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations and Best Buy. Next month, Motorola Rambler will be sold at Meijer.



Motorola Rambler Features:

  • Full QWERTY Keypad
  • 1.3MP camera with video
  • Wireless Web access
  • E-mail access to Gmail®, MSN®, Yahoo!® and more
  • Instant Messaging access to Yahoo!®, AIM®, and Windows Live™ Messenger
  • Stereo Bluetooth®
  • Multimedia and text messaging
  • GPS enabled
  • Voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding
  • Speakerphone with voice recognition
  • Downloadable games, wallpapers and ringtones




Motorola Bali

On Aug. 11, Motorola Bali™ from Boost Mobile will be available at for $149.99 (excluding taxes) with free shipping. Motorola Bali is a stylish lightweight flip phone with a 1.3MP camera with video, stereo Bluetooth® and GPS capabilities. Bali also has an MP3 music player with external touch controls and expandable microSD memory for listening to your favorite tunes on the go. The phone is available now through Boost Mobile exclusive retail stores and select independent wireless dealer locations.

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