Sculpteo online 3D Printing Service Now Available in the U.S.A

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3D Printing is Cool, it’s all the rage right now, all the kids are doing it! Seriously though I’ve always wanted to try it, but I just don’t know what to try it with?! I mean 3D printing is useful for sure, but what would I print? What would you print?

European-based Sculpteo is now offering its popular online 3D printing services to United States’ customers. With the ability to transform digital files into real-life, physical objects, allows digital dreamers to turn 3D files into 3-dimensional creations, as well as create easily 3D objects based on 2D drawings or simple text. Sculpteo customers can order a number of different objects designed by themselves or others, including static or articulated figures, miniatures, prototypes, robots, models and more. The final product is shipped to customers in just two weeks.


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Design Options:
•    The user can design the item with popular 3D software and upload them to in formats like OBJ, 3DS, STL, SKP and more
•    Users can select from numerous pre-designed images from Sculpteo’s online gallery
•    The user also can use a 3D file available on the Web
Sculpteo makes it easy for users to edit or customize items by allowing them to select size, material, and color or monochrome printing options — all done conveniently online. The price is calculated automatically based on customizations.
Customization Options:
•    The material can be chosen based on the type of end product the customer would like. The user could select a sturdy plastic material for a more flexible object, while the plaster casting would be used for a more solid non moveable item.
•    The size of the object can range from 2-10 inches depending on the type of material chosen.
•    The color choices are monochrome or multicolor.
“The response for Sculpteo in Europe has been tremendous and the North American market has been clamoring for our unique solution,” said Clement Moreau, CEO and founder.  “We are thrilled to be entering this market and look forward to inspiring creativity and serving the business and consumer community.”
Ordering the product is as simple as uploading a digital file to Items are then shipped directly to the specified address throughout the United States within 10 Days.
About Sculpteo
Founded in 2009, Sculpteo offers a fully online 3D printing service – from the upload of your 3D model to the final object – designed to make this new technology easy and accessible to all.  Sculpteo is located in Paris, France, with two printing facilities – one in Vanves, in the Paris area, and one in Arreau, in the Pyrenees. For more information on Sculpteo, please visit

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  1. November 14, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    This service is perfect for animator who wants their creation to be an actual action figure.

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