Seagate Now Shipping New 4TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive

Can you ever have enough storage? I know I don’t seem to have enough, at least I don’t have enough large capacity drives like two or three terabyte in size. Seagate has just announced a 4tb hard drive which features four 1tb platters in it that runs at about 146 mb/s and saves 35% power consumption.


Seagate announced the shipment of the industry’s only 4TB/4 disk desktop solution with 1TB/platter, the Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD. This offering enables the highest performance possible -  while doubling capacity and reducing costs.

Nearly 800,000 times larger than the first desktop drive Seagate introduced in 1979, it supports over 800,000 photos, 450 hours of HD video or over 1,000,000 songs– all at the lowest cost per gigabyte in the industry. The ultimate in high capacity computing, the drive is ideal for workstations, home office and small business and home storage users.

The Seagate 4TB Desktop HDD delivers the highest average data rate on the market today achieving 146 MB/second, while saving 35 percent in power consumption over competitors. Seagate’s own OptiCache technology has been incorporated and boosts overall performance by as much as 45 percent.

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