Swann Launches Compact DIY DVR Security Systems

Swann ahs just announced several new DVR based security system that comes with cameras and hard drives and all you have to do really is set it up.  There are five of them that range from $300 up to $650 and they come with either two, four or eight cameras and all have 500gb hard drives for storage space. The system can be monitored with a display hooked to them and you can monitor right from your phone or tablet in a few simple steps. The cameras are indoor or outdoor and they have infrared LEDs built into them for low light and night time viewing.


Swann Security, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, announces its new do-it-yourself Compact Security System. This multi-channel system is part of Swann’s Advanced Series line that uses D1 high definition recording technology. As compared to traditional “CIF” systems, D1 provides a 4X larger and clearer picture without sacrificing real-time (30 frames-per-second) recording and live viewing.

Swann’s 1500 Compact series offers a four/eight/sixteen-channel monitoring system that includes clear resolution and weather resistant PRO-540™ cameras.

The PRO-540 camera uses SwannTruColor image-sensing technology to provide 650TV lines of clear, focused D1 clear definition video. To provide the most detail possible, the camera records in color during the day, but takes advantage of 24 infra-red LED’s to record in black and white at night at a range of 65 feet. These cameras are designed to match any décor for indoor use and are also weatherproof for outdoor applications. For increased security, the camera’s cable is threaded through the stand to prevent intruders from cutting the feed.

To allow for easy, set and forget monitoring, the on-board hard drive allows for up to 30 days of continuous recording. Using the motion-detection feature you can extend continuous recording up to months at a time and the SATA hard drive can be upgraded to up to 4TB for even more storage capacity.

Especially useful with multichannel monitoring systems is Swann’s SmartSearch  on-screen activity tracking functionality. This latest technology allows users to easily select key locations, such as doorways or stairwells, and track the video history on-screen with the simple click of a mouse. By identifying activity in these key locations, users can streamline the monitoring process across many channels and know that the most susceptible locations of their home or office are safe and secure.

Each security system includes a unique QR code and ID number to set up and remotely view your home or business. In minutes Swannlink allows quick and easy set up of your Swann security system to the internet, smartphone or tablet with no complicated network configuration.

SwannLink connectivity uses peer-to-peer technology, a new method of connecting to the internet using the SwannLink server in the cloud and a product ID number. Once scanned, the QR code checks the ID number on the server and confirms your username and password. It then connects you directly to yourSwann DVR using a secure 128-bit encrypted connection. So, in no time you can watch your security cameras from almost anywhere with ease.

Once your DVR is linked to the Internet and the SwannView plus app, the connection is safe and secure. The SwannLink server performs a handshake between the DVR and your computer, smartphone and tablet, creating an encrypted connection over the internet without the need for network configuration or a local network server.

Perfect for anyone who is frequently away from their home or office for long periods of time, the Compact Security System can be connected to the Internet for secure, remote monitoring. The free SwannView Plus app is compatible with PC, iOS and Android devices and allows for viewing of your system from anywhere in the world.

Compact Security Camera System

Connect the compact DVR system to the internet to know what’s happening day or night for 24-hour security and peace of mind.

• Compact DVR system offers professional, state-of-the-art monitoring in one compact package
• Weatherproof cameras provide color recording during the day and black and white recording at night
• Twenty-four infra-red LEDs provide 65 feet of night time viewing
• D1 high definition is 4x the image quality of traditional “CIF” security systems, with no loss of frame rate
• Set and forget by recording continuously for days onto the on-board hard drive
• Monitor activity remotely via computer, smartphone or tablet using the free SwannView app
• Connects to a TV or LCD monitor for on-location monitoring
• Easily find recorded footage of key locations like doorways and stairwells using SmartSearch on-screen activity tracking
• Housed in a sleek, stylish and compact form, the Security System is designed to match any home décor and fit discretely in any location at home or in the office
• Easy, do-it-yourself installation with cables, connectors and mounting hardware included


Swann’s Compact 1500 security systems are available from Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy (US and Canada) B&H, Micro Center, Brandsmart, Tiger Direct and Sam’s Club in the following configurations:

• DVR4-1500 with four-channel 500 GB D1 DVR and two PRO-540™ 600 TVL cameras $299.99
• DVR4-1500 with four-channel 500 GB D1 DVR and four PRO-540™ 600 TVL cameras $399.99
• DVR8-1500 with eight-channel 500 GB D1 DVR and four PRO-540™ 600 TVL cameras $449.99
• DVR8-1500 with eight-channel 500 GB D1 DVR and eight PRO-540™ 600 TVL cameras $549.99
• DVR16-1500 with eight-channel 500 GB D1 DVR and eight PRO-540™ 600 TVL cameras $649.99

Swann stands by its promise of Lifetime Support to make advanced security easy to use, install and maintain. Everything is included in the package; but if you need assistance, Swann’s help desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the life of the product.

For more information visit www.swann.com.