Swann Launches Mosquito 3 Inch Infrared RC Helicopter

Remote control helicopters are my favorite toys, yes I’m 41 and I still like toys, but I think all guys like remote control toys no matter what age they are. I especially like the helicopters that you can fly indoors and Swann has just come out with the Mosquito which is only three inches in size and it’s controlled by infrared with the ability to go up, down, forward, backward, left and right. The Mosquito charges via USB and it has a price tag of $29.99.


Swann Security, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, debuts the Mosquito™ mini RC helicopter. Even though Swann’s new Mosquito has a rotor diameter of just 3 inches and weighs less than 1 ounce, its speed and superior maneuverability secure it a spot in Swann’s full line of RC helicopters. The Mosquito is available at Fry’s for $29.99.

The Mosquito is the perfect gift for first-time pilots looking to get started in the high-flying world of RC helicopters. Swann’s Easy-Fly Gyro technology that helps keep the helicopter stable at all times, means this powerful little flying machine is designed with dual-blade rotors so rookie pilots can quickly become experts with little practice and perform all of kinds of tricks and stunts.

The Mosquito uses a powerful infrared signal to communicate with the aircraft yoke-inspired remote control. Complete with joysticks and trim control, the remote offers six-way multidimensional control for up, down, forward, backward, left and right movements.

The rechargeable 3.7-volt Li-poly battery in the helicopter provides up to seven minutes of continuous flight time and the remote control is powered by six AA batteries (not included). The RC helicopter can be recharged via the remote control or by plugging it into any USB device.

For more information visit www.swann.com.


The Mosquito is available at Fry’s for $29.99.