Synology Announces the DS411slim

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There’s no doubt that Synology makes some great products, read our reviews and any others and you’ll see that. Every product they release is given excellent scores and I’m sure their newest one will receive the same.  The new DS411slim has a 1.6ghz CPU with 256mb of ram and only uses 2.5” drives making it very small with dimensions of 5 inches of tall and 4 inches wide.

Ideal for home and SOHO use, the DS411slim ships with the award-winning DiskStation Manager 3.0. With built-in DLNA compatibility, iTunes server, Xbox and PS3 compatibility, a wealth of backup and file sharing features, and even iPhone and Android apps for mobile streaming, the DS411slim is a powerful member of any media-intensive environment.

Using only 9W of energy when idle and 16W during operation, the DS411slim is a near-silent, energy-saving home device.

The DS411slim is slated to be available through poplar online retailers such as Newegg, Amazon, and others in mid-February. While the final price has not been set, I can tell you it will be more affordable than the DS409slim (currently around $370).


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The DS411slim boasts a faster processor than the previous DS409slim, and more RAM (now 256MB).  These enhancements allow users to do more with their DiskStation and do it more quickly.  Like its predecessor, it can still fit in the palm of one hand. 

Bundled with Synology’s renowned DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.0, the DS411slim is a feature-rich network attached storage solution, offering numerous tools to home users.  In addition to the expected file sharing and backup, DSM 3.0 includes an integrated DLNA-certified media server to effortlessly stream music and videos to compatible media players. 

“Don’t let the small size fool you.  This is a full-fledged NAS server,” said Jason Bonoan, Product Marketing Manager at Synology America Corp.  “From the breadth of integrated features to the ease of remote access, this comprises an incredible suite of solutions that mere DAS devices just can’t match.”

Surveillance Station 5, Synology’s included network video recorder (NVR) software, lets users quickly turn their DiskStation into a surveillance system.  Compatible with over 750 models of IP camera, Surveillance Station 5 makes it easy for home users to monitor their homes when away, for either protection of the premises or as a nanny-cam.

In addition to the depth of features currently offered in DSM 3.0, the upcoming DSM 3.1 (now in public beta) will further expand the capabilities of the DiskStation.  Among the enhancements will be:

  • DS File for iPhone- a new app to ease file access
  • DS Photo+ and DS Audio are released for iPad to manage photos and stream your entire music collection from the DiskStation
  • Airprint support- allows wireless printing from iPad/iPhone

For more information, please visit:

Availability:  The DS411slim is scheduled to be available for purchase in mid-February.  The price will be announced at its release.

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