The Hidden for Nintendo 3DS Trailer and Screenshots

I’ve got some screenshots and a trailer for you of The Hidden that is coming November 8th for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s my kind of game, it’s scary! It’s an augmented reality game utilizing the cameras of the 3DS, the idea is to eliminate the evil spirits you find around you. It’s going to be $29.99 and I’ve got high hopes for it..


Hidden Screen 1 Hidden Screen 2 Hidden Screen 3 Tracker2-Phasing 


A unique augmented reality ghost-hunting adventure, The Hidden lets players use their 3DS camera to scan, detect and hunt the paranormal. As a member of the elite squad known as the Ghostly Entity Investigation and Strike Team (G.E.I.S.T.), players must work with their team to eliminate evil spirits and neutralize mysterious outbreaks that pose threats to mankind. To find every ghost in the game, players must also bring their Nintendo 3DS with them to new locations. Play through 12 missions and face off against hostile spirits using upgradeable tools and devices to defeat more elusive entities.


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