The Parrot Minikit+ Can be the Ultimate Hands-Free Kit

The new Parrot Minikit+ can do so much more than just answer your phone. You can pair two phones to it at once and sync their contacts to be stored in the Minikit+. In fact you can pair up to 10 phones to the Minikit+ and store up to 20,000 contacts. That’s a lot of contacts isn’t it? The Minikit+ can also tell you who’s calling and let you read and write emails and texts, all without using your hands. It’s basically fully voice controlled, except you have to press a button to initiate any functions and then just tell it who you want to call. It will be available come October with an MSRP of $89. Huge PR post about it with more info following the pictures…

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Parrot MINIKIT+ is a portable hands-free kit capable of managing, simultaneously, two Bluetooth mobile phones, thanks to Parrot "Dual Mode" multipoint technology.

The driver defines one main telephone out of the two connected and the Parrot MINIKIT+ associates different bells to each of them.

Parrot MINIKIT+ automatically synchronizes its directory with the connected mobile phones, and can memorize up to 2,000 contacts.

As for all Parrot hands-free systems, Parrot MINIKIT+ is compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones and Smartphones available in the market.

Note: up to 10 mobile phones can be paired to the Parrot MINIKI T+ (20,000 contacts in total).

Hands-free management of calls

For incoming calls, the driver just has to pronounce the words "accept" or "reject" to take or reject a call, without any manipulation of the mobile phone nor the Parrot MINIKIT+.

If the caller is present in the phone book of the connected mobile phones, the hands-free kit will have expressed its name beforehand.

To make a call, the driver just has to press the green button of the Parrot MINIKIT+ to launch the voice recognition and then to pronounce the name of a contact of his main phone book. The Parrot MINIKIT+will dial the number automatically.

Vocal Service for SMS and emails management

Reading and sending emails and SMS while driving is dangerous and numerous countries took legislative measures forbidding drivers to manipulate.

TextFriendly™ service*, accessible from the Parrot MINIKIT+, allows users to vocally manage emails and SMS while keeping hands on the steering wheel. It is enough to register the number of theTextFriendly™ voice server in the directory of its mobile phone to access the service directly from theParrot MINIKIT+ and then, to pronounce the action to be done: listen or write emails or SMS.

*Service available on subscription. For further information:

More than a hands-free kit

A2DP Bluetooth technology enables users to listen to a Smartphone’s playlist directly on the Parrot MINIKIT+.

Also, the indications and information related to Smartphone applications of driving assistance, like GPS, can be broadcasted on the loudspeaker integrated in the Parrot MINIKIT+.

At the time of an incoming call, music or GPS guidance will stop, to start again at the end of the conversation.

Great ease of use

The Parrot MINIKIT+ is equipped with a vibration sensor which will switch it into On mode and automatically connect it to the mobile phone(s) as soon as the vehicle’s door is open.

The Parrot MINIKIT + is to be attached to the sun visor and, to be easily repositionable when the sun visor is up or down, it is delivered with an elastic strap with two zones of insertion.

The Parrot MINIKIT+ will benefit from regular and free updates. To make an update, it is enough to put the MINIKIT+ on "update" mode via the vocal menus, to connect it to a computer and to  "drag&drop" the update to the kit.

When technological innovation meets performance

If it looks similar to another Parrot hands-free kit, the Parrot MINIKIT+ benefits from new electronic architecture, especially a new generation of Parrot P6i processors (416MHz) dedicated to portable applications, more powerful and less energy-consuming.

The Bluetooth stack benefits from more than 10 years of Parrot know-how and offers a larger compatibility with the mobile phones and Smartphones available in the market.

Parrot’s Digital Signal Processing eliminates surrounding noises, improves the fluidity of conversation and optimizes audio quality whatever the volume of the Parrot MINIKIT+.



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