The ‘Spawn’ of a New Pro-Gaming Mouse

Spawn is the new mouse from Cooler Master or CM Storm actually. CM Storm introduces the latest addition to its line of gaming mice. The CM Storm Spawn, a FPS mouse ergonomically designed for professional gamers.

Its ultra lightweight, claw-grip design and anti-slip rubber side grips make it well suited for prolonged gaming sessions. The crimson red high-gloss finish makes the Spawn visually breathtaking and resistant to degradation from long term use.



"Spawn"ed by Elite Engineering
As experts in their craft, CM Storm’s engineers sought to deliver a comfortable, precise, and durable mouse with an exquisitely simple, yet effective, button layout. The CM Storm Spawn is a direct result of their collective achievement. The Spawn features an Ultra-Step Scroll Wheel Encoder that enables a user to exercise absolute control over the slightest movements. A user-programmable 3500 DPI button can be adjusted on-the-fly to provide gamers with the exact sensitivity they need to gain the edge in a competition. Included are high quality Micro Switches that guarantee at least 5,000,000 clicks. Even under prolonged usage, the CM Storm Spawn is geared to outlast the enemy over the course of intense conflicts.


High-Tech Design
Built into the Spawn is the Sentinel-X™ 32KB microprocessor. It is included for storing button assignments, advanced macros and other mouse customizations which allows easy setup and quick installation on any computer. The Anti-drift Control Sensor maintains faultless control when lifts and drops occur. An innovative angle snapping option lets gamers perform that ever-elusive flick shot. With these enhanced features and an aggressive design, the Spawn has been forged to make you the victor that collects the spoils of war.

"Spawn Your Ideas" Campaign
It’s so hard to get the gamer away from the Spawn
Watch the Spawn videos and help Monica (the CM Storm girl) with ideas on how to get the CM Storm Spawn mouse out the hands of her boyfriend. Submit your idea and if you’re selected, it will be made into a short clip. Winners will also receive customized CM Storm and Cooler Master gaming gear


    Prizes for 1st place

  • Have your idea made into the final Spawn clip
  • Customized Spawn Gaming Mouse with your own name
  • Customized Sniper Gaming Chassis with your own name
  • Silent Pro Gold 800W PSU+ V6 GT Cooler
    Prizes for 2nd place

  • Customized Spawn Gaming Mouse with your own name
  • Customized Sniper Gaming Chassis with your own name
  • V6 GT Cooler
    Prizes for 3rd place

  • Customized Spawn Gaming Mouse with your own name
  • Customized Scout Gaming Chassis with your own name
    Other prizes also available

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