Thecus Introduces the ‘V’ Series

I love Nas boxes, they’re just so much more useful than regular old external storage devices. Thecus has just introduced a new powerhouse NAS called the V series, these things can have an Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU in them if you want, or well depending on which model you pick. They’ve also got USB 3.0 and PCI-E slots for expandability, along with Cat6 ports and an HDMI port as well.


image002 image003 N8900V_front N12000V_front N16000V_front 

Thecus is releasing a new line of network attached storage that takes on a quickly growing part of the market: high-capacity, high-value storage. The value, or “V”, line, supplement Thecus’s existing full lineup of NAS, by giving users a choice between more value and more power. These new NAS combine the newest line of powerful Intel® processors and Thecus’s potent software to provide a solution that can accommodate a broad spectrum of business and personal storage and computing needs while staying within your budget.

Built for Enterprise Tasks

The N8900V is the unification of power and price, functionality and frugality. The new Intel® Pentium™ G620 running at 2.6GHz keeps user requests screaming along and allows the N8900V to multitask smoothly, balancing such activities as data transfer, web serving, and RAID building without any delays or slowdowns in service.

The N8900V adds an important choice for consumers in need of an 8-bay NAS at a great value and is the unchallenged highest performance and function for price option on the market. It promises to set new standards in an environment increasingly leaning towards cost-saving measures that still guarantee data integrity and professional functionality.

Two NAS packed with all the Thecus hardware innovations

The N12000V and N16000V are bundled with useful pieces of hardware innovations to ensure that your NAS is a solid investment. The system relies on a very recent high-value Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1225 Quad Core @3.10 GHz.

The NAS are long-term products. That’s why Thecus added a lot of attractive hardware delicacies. Thanks to their multiple PCI-e slots, the N12000V & N16000V benefit from:

SAS controller to support current and future cutting-edge disks, up to 15000rpm.

USB 3.0 ports: tired of waiting? Use high-speed external hard drives with speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0!

10GBASE-T Ethernet adapter to connect to 10GbE networks with a regular Ethernet cable (CAT6 with RJ45 plug): no more expensive and fragile optic cables.

With the remaining slots, you’ve got room to improve for future and exciting technical improvements of the network industry.

Last but not least, those two models feature a HDMI output. Besides simple monitoring, what you can do now with your NAS is virtually limitless and does not require a computer anymore!

A generous software suit for unmatched availability

Delivered with the same 64-bits software as their regular versions, the N12000V & N16000V come with the now famous Thecus-HA (High Availability): instant NAS cloning and service recovery in case of hardware failure. You can know more about Thecus-HA here.

The embedded Firmware comes with everything useful for your enterprise, maximizing the ROI: buying a smart centralized unit such as Thecus NAS will reduce maintenance costs, diminish initial investment and remain flexible: iSCSI capabilities for dynamic space allocation, Citrix and VMware certifications for virtualized environments, all the common and uncommon RAID levels for data redundancy, compatibility with all network protocols to be sure your NAS can work with anyone, distant access over Internet, and so on. Functions can be added on the fly thanks to the Thecus module system.

Also each of the V Series comes bundled with one Acronis Backup Software to give users a well-designed, professional software backup solution to simplify storage and backup tasks.

While IT budgets are tightening, the need for quality high-capacity NAS has, paradoxically, never been so strong within professional environments. Combining Thecus quality standards, innovations and high-value hardware, the V series is designed to bring customers alternative solutions and help them to manage their critical resources without crippling their budget” says Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus Technology Corp.

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