Toshiba Blu-Ray Players with new Features

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This is a combination of two press releases actually about the new Toshiba Blu-Ray players.. The first part is that Blockbuster On Demand will be on the latest and future players. The second part is that RoxioNow Sonic is now being used on BDX2500, the BDX2700 and on future BDX3000 models of Blu-ray players.

BLOCKBUSTER On Demand is currently accessible on Toshiba’s new Blu-ray models, the BDX2500 and the BDX2700, which offers built-in WiFi capability. Plans are also in place for the service to become available on future Toshiba Blu-ray players, expected to be released later this year.

Both Toshiba Blu-ray models come equipped with internet connectivity, allowing for movies from Blockbuster to be streamed anywhere, anytime. The players also deliver 1080p Full HD video and high-definition audio as well as BD-Live(TM) capability.

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The RoxioNow platform serves a broad range of premium content, including new movies and next-day TV programs, to a growing, multi-manufacturer ecosystem of home and mobile electronics including PCs, connected TVs, set-top DVRs, Blu-ray Disc players, smartphones, and mobile media devices. The platform enables retailers and consumer electronics companies to participate in the entertainment supply chain, add value to product offerings and form ongoing relationships with customers. "Powered by RoxioNow®" stores enable consumers to instantly rent and purchase high-quality entertainment on their favorite device and, through the RoxioNow online entertainment locker, the flexibility to playback content ordered on additional consumer electronics devices. RoxioNow powers digital entertainment delivery for a range of companies including Best Buy, Blockbuster, and Lionsgate and is available on a broad variety of consumer electronics devices.

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