V-MODA Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

10 years is a long time in the tech industry and I guess headphones would count as being tech in  a way right? Sort of, or maybe not. Anyway, V-Moda is celebrating their 10 year anniversary which is a big milestone for any company in this economy and they did it because they consistently make great products. I know I still have my V-Moda True Blood REvamp headphones and I use them frequently. Anyway read the PR below to see what V-Moda is up to lately..



10 years ago, V-MODA visualized a plan to fuse music, lifestyle and technology into a brand by releasing the world’s first line of color headphones. This plan would eventually inspire the transformation of the stagnant headphone business into one of the hottest segments of the consumer electronics industry. After a decade of creating the world’s finest wearable technology products, V-MODA is celebrating this landmark anniversary with the opening of its design studio “V-MODA Milano” in the global capital of fashion and creativity.

“V-MODA’s 10th anniversary is a tremendous milestone for us. Over the past 10 years, we have worked relentlessly to innovate and create unique products nobody else would,” says Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA. “I have been fortunate to build so many great relationships and share experiences with the smartest people and companies in the world. We owe our success to the collective feedback and support of the customers, employees, artists, DJs, editors and retail partners throughout the years.”



V-MODA is the direct result of a vision Val had during his first visit to Ibiza. It was at the White Isle where he experienced the world’s greatest DJs, clubs and the unparalleled vibe of the scene.

“I remember the exact moments at Space and Pacha listening to electronic music legends, many of which now are my close friends,” says Val. “I knew that instant that I had to figure out a way to make music my life and spread this energy of boutique and what used to be considered ‘underground music’.”

Val travelled to where all landmark brands he admired were born and ultimately fell in love with Milano. As he gazed at the Duomo cathedral and it’s countless “V”s, the idea for V-MODA was born. The V would become an integral part of the design-language while the Italian word for fashion, “moda,” was our guide. It was then Val realized he could create audio art by fusing high fashion and high fidelity to bring the music culture to life.

Working out of his rented room in Hollywood, collaborating for years during the  night with global partners, Val Kolton and designer Joseph Bucknall launched V-MODA at the Magic/PROJECT fashion show with a line of dance-music inspired clothing, hats, compilation CDs, and the world’s first line of color metal fashion headphones dubbed “hearwear.”

“V-MODA launched the fashion headphone segment with high performance, designer metal headphones way back in 2004. Before V-MODA, you could only get headphones with cables in black, white or sport yellow. In 2007, on the same day that the iPhone launched, we launched the world’s first third-party headset for the iPhone”, says Val. “The rest is history.”


In the past decade, V-MODA has built millions of products, accumulated over 20 Editors’ Choice awards and has built a reputation of high quality.

“It is our blood to invent and push the bar even higher with each product we launch. However, even with all of those achievements, our best years are still ahead of us as we launch timeless products that are worthy of a museum pedestal,” says Val.

“I am also proud to announce that in celebration of our 10th year anniversary, we are opening our V-MODA Milano design studio overlooking the mindboggling Sforza Castle, once the workplace and inspiration to Leonardo Da Vinci for over 20 years.” says Val Kolton.

This year, V-MODA will also be unveiling an exciting new product roadmap to reach new audiences; the announcement is expected later in the year. V-MODA will also be updating brand identity elements including their packaging and website.

“The music revolution will not be televised, it will be heard, felt and seen around the world and its symbol, at least in my eyes, will be a V-MODA headphone.”


-Val Kolton