Tekoia Launches SureMote Smart Universal Remote Control App

The remote on my Vizio HDTV died, not that big of a deal as I have the HTC One cellphone and I control it with that but I don’t really like the HTC app as I don’t want all the other stuff that goes with it. I just want something to control the TV, I don’t care about the TV listings etc and Tekoia just launched the SureMote Universal Remote Control App that I think might be perfect for me. I just downloaded and installed it, haven’t tried it yet though as I’m posting this press release about it, but I will try it soon.. Details below for you..


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Tekoia, provider of remote control solutions for the Internet of Things, announced today the launch of SureMote, an innovative smartphone universal remote control app for digital media systems. SureMote IR is the first app that gives smartphone users a simple way to define and control complex multimedia systems which are groups of multiple IR and smart appliances, such as media streamers, TVs, DVD players, and more.

SureMote IR replaces inconvenient hardware remotes with one simple, intuitive app that runs on leading Android smartphones with a built-in IR Blaster. SureMote includes an extensive database of IR appliances that gives users the power to control most leading media devices immediately.  In addition to legacy appliances, SureMote IR can be used with smart appliances such as Apple TV and the iRobot Roomba vacuum.

SureMote is the first smartphone app to dramatically simplify the home media viewing experience with its customized Media Systems. Today, watching a movie generally involves turning on and setting up several appliances including a TV, streamer, and receiver. With SureMote, users can easily define a hierarchical system that includes all of their media devices, and turn them all on and off with a single click. With this easy-to-use one-click solution, SureMote is delivering on the promise of universal smart remotes to revolutionize the user experience and do away with the need for multiple hardware remote controls.

“With SureMote we are solving one of the biggest headaches that people experience today – having to deal with 3 or 4 different remotes just to watch a movie,” says Viktor Ariel, Tekoia CEO. “We are very pleased to release SureMote IR and to share the convenience of one truly easy, customizable remote control for media systems with our customers.”

The newest version of SureMote follows the design principle of "Do Not Make Me Think," creating a smartphone remote app that is intuitive and consistent. It enables control of complex multimedia systems, which are groups of appliances, through a unique and proprietary hierarchical paradigm. All SureMote IR setup is performed directly on the smartphone without the need for an external computer.


Currently, SureMote is available on Google Play for Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/Note and HTC One smartphones.


This version features:

-Novel hierarchical systems for controlling groups of appliances

-Simple and intuitive user interface

-Extensive database of IR appliances

-Simple test codes for appliance selection