V-MODA Presents Remix Audio Headphones

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New headphones from V-Moda are now available, and they’re not too expensive either, priced at $79.99 and available in 3 colors: Rouge, Blush and Gunmetal.

A newly tuned 9mm V-MASQUE neodymium dynamic driver creates the absolute in clarity and the perfect balance in sound, while the BEAT-PORT air flow system delivers a high-definition soundstage, invoking the sense of a live music experience. V-MODA’s revered BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) noise-isolating technology further reduces outside noise and enables deep punchy bass for the ultimate audio experience.


Featuring a minimalist and ergonomic design, the Remix Audio features a solid yet lightweight all-metal construction, making a powerful statement. Its durable features are developed for fashion-conscious, on-the-go lifestyles. The earbuds feature newly designed medical-grade soft silicone fittings with a new shape offering a more comfortable and secure fit while also further enhancing V-MODA’s signature soundscape with improved clarity. The detachable sport earhooks feature patent-pending Active Flex technology, allowing the headphones to adjust independently to each ear regardless of the earhook’s position.


After years of diligent engineering, Remix Audio is stronger than many headphones sold within the same price range. Each component was dissected and analyzed to create a high-quality headphone that could withstand the extended use by V-MODA’s dedicated listeners. Special attention was given to a custom cable construction comprised of a strong Kevlar core to relieve tension and a uniquely braided copper material that is specially designed to flex during use. The durable, PVC-free and tactically pleasing cable is designed to reduce microphonics. The gold-plated plug and stainless steel core feature a 45-degree extended strain relief to withstand stress.





Starting today, the Remix Audio will be available at Amazon.com and V-MODA.com for a retail price of $79.99. The Remix Audio is available in three colors: Rouge, Blush and Gunmetal. To see more information and videos on how V-MODA is dedicated to quality and durability, visit v-moda.com/quality

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