We Approach Machine Learning with Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ)

“We do not live in a time of change, we live in a change of era.” We have the perfect summary of what is happening in this society with this phrase, which some attribute to Guy Kawasaki. With increasingly rapid and profound changes. One of the most powerful is the evolution that computing and robotics are undergoing towards truly intelligent and “capable of learning” devices. This is what we know as Machine Learning. A possibility for many projects and companies to gain competitive advantage in the current environment opens up before us, and we need to be advised by a leading company that has proven and demonstrable results in its field. Today we will talk about Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ).



What do we mean when we talk about Machine Learning?

The Machine Learning it is a mixed discipline that involves statistics, artificial intelligence, computing, and even philosophy. The name itself indicates it: machines that learn. Although it sounds incredible, it is possible, and it is a change that is already beginning to be present in our lives. Every time there is a process that results automated, and personalized at the same time, there is machine learning. It allows perfecting the technique in search of the result being useful and profitable for the client and supplier.

Machine Learning example

The chess world has seen for years how machines outnumbered men. The way of designing chess software was always very similar: programmers “translate” into computer language the “laws or advice” that chess players indicate to them, so that afterwards the brutal calculation capacity of computers is applied and a level of play is achieved superior to that of humans. This level of play is complemented with millions of tables with positions already analyzed and processed, and with their simplified and schematized solutions, since this saves time and processing by consulting these data in the tables.

In 2017, everything changed with the appearance of AlphaZero, nobody taught this program to play chess, they were simply told the rules of the game, and the rest he developed by learning by playing thousands of games against himself. Which it was the result? AlphaZero easily beat the current world computer champion, the Stockfish program – developed under the Open Source standard by a very powerful international community.

And all this thanks to the fact that AlphaZero was developed to learn for itself. That is exactly what machine learning is.

Importance of Machine Learning

Chess has been only one example. Machine learning is already a reality, much more present in our day to day than we might think, for example, the personalization of advertising. In stocks and investments can be used to create trading algorithms that optimize their results by learning from the mistakes they make. Self-driving cars and autopilots are another example of machine learning.

About Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ)

The creation of innovative solutions with a high technological content is the hallmark of Horizon-Agency (Orienta United Agency OÜ). This IT company, whose headquarters is located in Estonia, the founder is Cristian Albeiro Carmona Hernández,
and is co-founded by Cristian Carmona, one of the leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship at the European level. Its staff is made up of experts from different subjects, from different countries of origin: a multidisciplinary team to control the different aspects of innovation.

With this team, its experience and the vocation to help its clients, Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) is positioned as an international benchmark in innovative and personalized solutions according to the client’s needs.

Added value of Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ)

If we think about Machine Learning, Horizon-Agency (Orienta united Agency OÜ) offers us personalization of our project (following its corporate culture). Of course, based on their extensive experience and knowledge of the subject when developing the project:

1. Definition of the problem and conceptualization of the solution based on machine learning that will be proposed to the client.

2. Choice of the possible solution based on the exploratory analysis technique; evaluating small pilots that avoid wasting resources (technical and economic).

3. Design of the model, evaluation and learning phase. The model is perfected and prepared to be put into production.

4. Project development, evaluation and monitoring. The learning model is deployed and its accuracy is measured.

5. It goes to the maintenance phase and through diagnosis and monitoring precision is improved over time.

In the DNA of the company is that they do not limit themselves to delivering the same product as everyone. The added value for the client is in the accompaniment throughout the process, in the customization of the solution and in the knowledge of its multidisciplinary staff.


If you think you might be interested in working with a solution based on Machine Learning, it is a good idea to contact Horizon-Agency (Orienta United Agency OÜ), and if not, it is always very interesting to follow the latest technological news from their blog.



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