WellScale is the World’s First Ultra Portable Digital Food Scale

For some reason I think this is really cool, it’s a portable nutrition scale. I mean I don’t need to diet or anything, but I still think it’s a great idea. The Wellscale is launching a campaign on June 9th on Indiegogo and they to raise 37k by July 9th to get the Wellscale fully funded and I think it very much has potential to get there. The scale can be used with Android or iOS devices so you can take it with you. Some details below for you..


Introducing WellScale: the world’s first ultra-portable digital food scale and pocket nutritionist that seamlessly connects to your smartphone or tablet bluetooth 4.0. The compact gadget, which measures 80 mm x 20 mm, fits comfortably into pockets or or purses for convenient, portable, measuring purposes. The accompanying app boasts a database of over 8000 ingredients and nutrition information all based on USDA recommendations. The database of ingredients is already massive, but WellScale hopes to add even more information as the demand for accurate nutrition grows.

“There are currently no scales on the market that consumers can take to restaurants, bars, or parties. WellScale gives consumers the assurance of knowing exactly what they’re eating, no matter the situation.” –Hugo Freire, Developer at WellScale

Users place the food they wish to measure on the scale, enter the food type into their app, and WellScale provides all of the nutrition information for that amount of food. By measuring in grams, users can see the exact nutritional data of what they’re eating. They can also set up a profile on the app to keep a record of their dietary history and to receive personalized tips and recommendations to improve their daily eating habits.

The Demand for Accurate Nutrition

Freire developed WellScale out of personal need when his his grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes, and her dietary restrictions seemed vague and complicated. Diabetes is a difficult balancing act, and one food item, like a banana, can differ greatly from another banana in amounts of sugar and other nutrients. He knew there was a demand for more precise measurements, both for people who diet for health reasons, and for people trying to gain or lose weight. WellScale offers that solution it a portable package, so users can be confident that they have all the information about what they eat – no matter where they eat it.

Hardware Specs

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (iOS/Android 4.3)

Dimensions: 83mm (W) x 83mm (D) x 20mm (H)

Load weight: 2 kg / 4.4 pounds

Battery type: lithium-ion rechargable

Microusb charger

Battery life: 120 Meals (estimating 5min per meal)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

System requirements:

– IPHONE 4S and above

– ANDROID 4.3 or above

The Indiegogo Campaign

Wellscale is launching an Indiegogo campaign on June 9th to raise a modest goal of $37K, the final amount needed to bring the scale to market. They must reach their goal by July 9 in order to deliver the final product by December 2014.

Website: www.wellscale.com