Wicked Lasers Launches the Flashtorch

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So it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed any Wicked Lasers products here, the last being the Photonic Disruptor that died sadly, it doesn’t work anymore, but I really liked it. Anyway, Wicked Lasers has just announced the Flashtorch that they’re calling the world’s brightest flashlight that features a 100w 4100 lumen bulb in with three selectable power levels. Price is $199.99 and it has a battery life of 10 to 40 minutes depending on what power level you’re on. The light is not only extremely bright but supposedly you can start fires with it and even cook and egg!


From the makers of the world’s most refined lasers, comes the ultimate in flashlights. The Flashtorch features a 100W 4100 lumen bulb with 3 selectable power levels. Featuring a powerful built-in lithium-polymer battery, the choice to illuminate or incinerate is yours.

View the Flashtorch

Watch the official video here.

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