iLuv iCC74: Clear Hard Case for your iPhone 3G


iLuv is a company known for their various iPod and iPhone peripherals. Today we will look at one of their protective cases for the iPhone: the iLuv iCC74. This is a clear acrylic case designed to keep the iPhone 3G safe from trauma while retaining the style of the actual device.

Clear iPhone cases are especially useful if you have protective decorative skins on your iPhone; allowing users to express themselves while providing the added protection of an external case.

The iLuv iCC74 comes in a clear plastic package with case found in the center with the standard cardboard iPhone prop within the case. The iLuv logo is found on the top of the white and blue cardboard insert in the plastic package and also mentions the included Glare free protective film.

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The back of the package lists the features of the iLuv iCC74 in eight different languages. A notable feature about iLuv as a company is they are taking part in GreeNology which indicates a commitment to protect the environment, being energy efficient and recycling our natural resources. Hopefully more tech companies will take part in this initiative.

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Removing the iLuv iCC74 we find the case, the Glare Free protective film and the cardboard iPhone simulacrum. The case is composed of a clear acrylic plastic and measures 6.74 cm x 12.1 cm x 1.7 cm. On the back of the case in the center is a white iLuv logo and a Designed in New York imprint on the bottom part.

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The standard openings for the dock connector, volume buttons, mute switch, headphone jack, power switch and camera are all present on the iLuv iCC74.

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The Glare Free protective film comes on a protective backing.



iLuv iCC74: Clear Hard Case for your iPhone 3G

Perfect fit for your iPhone 3G
Provides maximum protection from scratches and scrapes
Full access to controls
Charge and Sync while in case
Glare-free protective film for touch screen included

Whats included:
Hard Case for iPhone 3G
Protective Film

Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.65” x 4.76” x 0.7” (67.4mm x 121mm x 17mm)

The iLuv iCC74 opens into two halves, place the iPhone 3G into the bottom portion and snap on the front of the case. Since the iLuv iCC74 locks on tightly, it is a little trickier to remove. To remove the case, use a coin to pry apart the case at the top or bottom openings.

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The Glare Free protective film is simple to apply and helps keep reflections down to a minimum. This glare free film is not a matte finish, so the screen brightness should not be affected.

Once locked within the case, the iPhone 3G is safely sealed in place. Because this is a clear case, remember to remove any dust or particulate matter off the iPhone or it will be encased for the entire world to see.

All of the switches and connectors are easily accessed through the case. Some dock connector cables may be blocked by the case at the base of the iLuv iCC74.

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Currently I am carrying my iPhone 3G in the ContourDesign iSee case which is also a clear acrylic case. I used it as basis for comparison to the iLuv iCC74. The iLuv iCC74 is slightly thicker on the front of the case than the iSee and has a wide-open area at the top for the power and headphone jacks as well as for allowing access to the SIM card slot, but otherwise they are pretty much the same style of case.

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The iLuv iCC74 should protect the phone from fall from a height, as long as the iPhone does not land with the screen side down. Of course as with most iPhone 3G cases, the screen area of the phone is open and can be exposed to any physical trauma. In fact during testing, the iPhone 3G took a tumble onto some New York City concrete and the case took the brunt of the impact with no harm coming to the iPhone 3G.



The iLuv iCC74 is a clear hard case for the iPhone 3G and does its job well, protecting the iPhone 3G from everyday harm. iLuv includes a Glare Free film to provide screen from scratches and fingerprints. The case is easy to put on and provides excellent protection from everyday hazards.

If you desire a case which is tough yet lets your iPhone be seen by the world, then the iLuv iCC74 is an excellent choice.


Excellent iPhone protection
Allows the visualization of the entire iPhone 3G
Slim form factor

Trouble accessing dock connector with some devices

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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