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The new Jawbone Bluetooth headset from Aliph is just an excellent product overall, it’s very popular because of its ease of use, comfort and great call quality, but the one thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that you essentially had to use the ear loop, at least I did and most everyone I know does as well. This isn’t that big of a deal for most people, even though it’s very comfortable I personally just don’t care for having that loop over my ear. Two of the other headsets that I own either do not have the ear loop or it’s an optional thing, so I kind of prefer one of them to the Jawbone at times.

Now how do you make an already great product like the Jawbone2 even better? You come out with a new set of earbuds for it that allows you the ability to not use the ear loop at all. In my time with the New Fit Earbuds I’ve come to love them, they make the Jawbone2 an even better product, much more comfortable to the point you don’t even realize you are wearing it. There were points during the day when I first started using the new earbuds that I actually had to check to see if I was still in my ear as that’s just how comfortable the jawbone is now.

One thing to note though is that the New Fit Earbuds are a beta product and not yet available for purchase, but when they do come on the market I highly suggest you grab them.

The New Fit Earbuds come in just a small plastic bag, nothing really special in the way of packaging but it doesn’t need to be, they’re just silicone earbuds after all.

DSCF0394 DSCF0397

In the package are three sizes so you’ll find the right one for you, they seem well made, and they are very soft and pliable.

DSCF0399 DSCF0402

DSCF0404 DSCF0406 DSCF0413 DSCF0414


Jawbone New Fit Earbud beta

Because every ear is unique, we developed a new earbud to give you even more options for personal fit and comfort.

(Please note this is a beta product and not available for sale yet.)

There’s nothing to the installation, just remove your old earbud and slip the new one on, easy to do, and now you don’t need the ear loop, but yo can wear it if you wish.

DSCF1069 DSCF1075 DSCF1077

One thing I did notice is that normally I use the small earbud with the jawbone, but with these new ones I’m using the largest of them.

The New Fit Earbuds are very comfortable to wear for hours at a time, you won’t even notice you’re wearing it after a while.

One critique I could have is that the loop inside that presses against your ear to hold the Jawbone in place could be a bit bigger, it doesn’t fall out of your ear but it does tend to move around a bit so you’ve got to make sure it’s in the right place for the correct function of it. I found that regular moving around doesn’t affect it that much but vigorous movements like running, or shaking you head will make it move out of place on your face. The jawbone should be at a certain angle to your mouth with the button pressed against your cheek to insure correct function of the noise dampening abilities of the Jawbone, any time it’s out of position it won’t work like it should.

DSCF0394 DSCF0399 DSCF0402 DSCF0404

The Jawbone New Fit Earbuds are a great product, even in their beta state as they are now, they’re very comfortable, they make using the Jawbone an even better experience.<

Having the ability to use the Jawbone without the earloop is something that I can very much appreciate.

Yes they are in beta, so they aren’t perfect yet, but they are very close to it, with only a few minor tweaks needed.

Varying sizes
No need to use ear loop anymore
Very comfortable for long periods

Not quite the perfect fit, at least for me

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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