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Cases designed to protect portable gaming systems can be bland. Sure you get the physical protection, but they lack individuality. Logitech has addressed this issue with their newest case the PlayGear Pocket Slim for the PSP 2000 series aka the PSP Slim. This case allows the user to access all the controls and connections while the PSP is housed within the PlayGear Pocket Slim.

Logitech includes a template for creating custom skins that lets one personalize the case to their style. In addition, the case can accommodate the larger 2220 mAh Extended Life Battery.

The PlayGear Pocket Slim arrives in a plastic rectangular box with a pre-perforated area on the back of the box. Thanks Logitech, no plastic package cuts today! The front of the package has a windowed area where the PlayGear Pocket Slim can be seen. There is a white cardboard surrounding the rest of the inner package. The back lists the features, contents and system requirements for the case.
PlayGear2 PlayGear1

Upon opening the package we find the PlayGear Pocket Slim, a clear template and instructions. On the template are instructions on how to use it to personalize the case.
PlayGear4 PlayGear3
The PlayGear Pocket Slim is a composed of clear polycarbonate shell with a snap closure which keeps the PSP from falling out of the case. Pressing on the secure snap closure opens the case. Inside the case are two removable black foam inserts to provide shock protection from any impacts. On the lower right front cover there is a white Logitech logo. The top and bottom right and left corners provide openings to allow access to the right and left triggers, the headphone jack, charging jack and the carrying strap.
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The PlayGear9 PlayGear10 PlayGear11
The PlayGear Pocket Slim makes the PSP feel more secure and ergonomic. Since I have large hands, playing games on the PSP in the PlayGear Pocket Slim is actually more comfortable.
Customizable protection is the slogan for the PlayGear Pocket Slim and the included template provides the ability to personalize ones case. The template allows the user to cut out a picture to the size specifications of the PlayGear Pocket Slim. In addition, you can search the web for sites that have premade Playgear Pocket Skins. Just download these, cut out the shape and you insert it into the case. Installation of the skins involves removing the black foam inserts, placing the skin inside the case and reinserting the black foam.

Here is the personalized technogog version of the PlayGear Pocket Slim.

PlayGear14 PlayGear13
Using online resources I was able to create a technogog template using Photoshop.

Here is a sample of a predesigned skin on one of the available websites.

The PlayGear Pocket Slim is a nearly perfect case, but could be made better. Unfortunately the case does not allow the storage of UMD discs or memory sticks. Also, since the case is a clear polycarbonate, it does have the ability to get scratched, but that is better than the alternative of a broken or marred PSP.

PlayGear4 PlayGear6 PlayGear7


The PlayGear Pocket Slim is a sturdy well-made case and almost exactly the same as the original PlayGear Pocket case for the PSP-1000. There are no major changes in the form or function, but since this case is modeled on one of the best PSP cases available, why mess with success; although Logitech could have added UMD and Memory Stick storage capacity.

The ability to skin the PlayGear Pocket Slim lets the user add his or her personality to the case. With the included template, the user can design their own skins or download premade ones from online resources.

Provides excellent protection
Can play PSP within the case

No room for UMD, Memory Stick storage

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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