NZXT Avatar v2 Gaming Mouse


So back in September I looked at the NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse and I found it to be a great choice for gaming or just everyday use, in fact I still use it everyday, it has become my favorite mouse. One of my complaints, and many others about the Avatar was the large side buttons, they could easily be accidentally pressed, but NZXT listened to us reviewers and you users out there and released a second version of the Avatar.

This version is aesthetically exactly the same as the original Avatar, the main difference is the size of the side buttons, or should I say height of them, they don’t stick out as far so they are much harder to press accidentally.

Since I’ve been using the original Avatar for several months now I’ve become accustomed to the buttons and don’t accidentally press them now, but change can be good, so continue on to learn more about the revamped NZXT Avatar mouse, in my humble opinion, the best just got better…

There’s no video unboxing for this review, since it’s pretty much the same as the original where I did do an unboxing. If you wish you can check out that review HERE.

The Avatar comes in a neat little box, block color with purple and silver accents on it.

DSCF3933 DSCF3934 DSCF3937

Inside we find the mouse of course, along with a user manual with a driver/software CD attached to the last page.<

DSCF3939 DSCF3941

Here’s several views of the Avatar, it has two side buttons, two DPI buttons on top behind the scroll wheel, which also acts as a button, and there’s an LED DPI level indicator on the left side.<

DSCF3944 DSCF3956 DSCF3957 DSCF3958 DSCF3959 DSCF3960 DSCF3961 DSCF3962 DSCF3963

The bottom is the same as the original Avatar with teflon mouse feet:




2600DPI gaming mouse
Introducing the first gaming mouse from the award winning NZXT design team, as with all of NZXT’s PC accessories, Avatar is designed to provide gamers with the ultimate crafted gaming armor to emerge victorious in the gaming arena of choice. Featuring a ambidextrous and smaller form, the Avatar mouse is versatile and ideal for gamers. A hardware implemented DPI switching allows compatibility with any game, and the Avatar interface allows for all types of customization including macros and 9 customizable buttons. Extruded Teflon mouse feet also allows for better accuracy and smoothness during gameplay.

* Optimal performance — 2600 DPI Optical Sensor provides maximum sensitivity and responsiveness which yields unparalleled gaming accuracy. LED DPI indicator gives the user improved usage and feedback. 5.8 Mega Pixels/second with a max frame rate of 6469 ensures smooth fragging and accurate sniping. 4 Speed DPI switch enables you to go from slow sniper movement to quick attack movement in a matter of seconds

* Maximum Customization — 7 programmable keys allows gamers to customize their configuration specifically for First-Person Shooters, Real-Time Strategy, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games all within the macro and profile settings

* Ergonomic Design — Ambidextrous design gives full use to both right and left handed gamers. Rubber grip helps avoid slipping during intense gameplay and the small, light form factor allows for faster and quicker movements, perfect for any gamer on the go or playing on a laptop or notebook. A slim form factor makes it the perfect choice for finger tip gamers.

* Simple Installation — Avatar plugs into any available USB port

* Slim and small dimensions — Measuring at 36.8mm x 69.1mm x 128mm ( H x W x D ), the Avatar’s smaller form factor is the best choice for finger tip gamers and people who game on the go.

Max Speed: 40 Inches/Second

Max Acceleration: 15g
Max Frame Rate: 6469 Frames/Second
Resolution: 650-2600 DPI
Image Processing: 5.8 Mega Pixels/Second
USB Reports: Up to 1000 Reports/Second
Buttons: 7 Buttons, 5 Million Clicks

Now it’s comparison time!

Here are the two of them in the dark:


and here are several views of both of the mice together, the difference in the buttons is very subtle, the one on the right is the original Avatar if you can’t tell by the worn finger spots…..

DSCF4619 DSCF4630 DSCF4631 DSCF4634

and here they are from the bottom, look the same to me….


The first thing I noticed immediately about the new Avatar is the scroll wheel, it seems fairly stiff, but if I recall correctly so did the original, but it loosened up after a while. Though the scroll wheel button is much easier to press now, I’ve accidentally pressed it several times already. On a good note I have not accidentally pressed the side buttons though, so that configuration works much better now, though it could be because I’ve gotten accustomed to knowing where they are, but I don’t think so, as I don’t feel them as I did on the original.

I’m not going to go into the software interface, it’s the same as the original, you can check the screenshots in the original review if you wish, I do like having the extra buttons on the sides, they works well in everyday use and in gaming to be remapped.

Usage of the mouse is exactly the same as the original Avatar, it’s just an excellent mouse for gaming and everyday use, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have been using it everyday since September, I’ve got several other mice here I could be using, but I prefer the Avatar over the others.

DSCF3933 DSCF3934 DSCF3937 DSCF3944

As I mentioned in the intro, the best just got better, and I stand by that remark, the NZXT Avatar is an all around excellent mouse for everyday use and gaming.

The changes NZXT made are for the better really, the smaller profile side buttons work well, they now can’t be accidentally pressed as easily as the original, but yet they are still accessible.

The scroll wheel is stiffer than the original, but I like it that way, and it should loosen up a bit after a while. The scroll wheel button is a bit more sensitive than the original Avatar, but after a couple days I found I was accustomed to it and didn’t accidentally press it as often, I’m sure after a month of usage I’ll be fully aware of its sensitivity and all will be good.

The NZXT Avatar is one of the the best mice on the market today, and the changes have only made it better.

Excellent all around mouse
Smaller side buttons
Excellent tracking on all surfaces

Scroll wheel button is a bit sensitive

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10