Review of ADATA 16gb Class 10 microSDHC Memory Card

Up for review today I’ve got a quick one for you, it’s a microSDHC card from ADATA. The card is class 10 and it’s 16gb in capacity. Storage is a necessity in this day and age of portable devices, I know I never have seem to have enough room for everything. The problem is speed, you want a fast card not only for transfers but for access as well. So read on to see how this ADATA I have for review does…



adat2 adat3

The card does come with an SD adapter if you happen to need it.


It’s microSD card, it you’ve seen one then you’ve pretty much seen them all as they all look the same. The card does have the ADATA logo on it along with the capacity and the class.

adat5 adat6

A microSD card will be used for storage and for reading to and writing from, so that’s what I test.

I use ATTO as it works just fine for testing.

I grabbed a bunch of microSD and microSDHC cards I had lying around ranging from 1gb all the way up to 32gb with different classes.


The cards are:

32gb Kingston Class4

1gb Kingston microSD

16gb Kingston Class2

8gb Kingston Class4

4gb Sandisk Class4

2gb Kingston microSD

4gb Transcend Class6

and of course the ADATA 16gb Class 10 in included in there as well.

Here’s the test results for you individually:


1gb kingston 2gb kingston sd

 4g sandisk class4 4gb transcend class6

 8gb kingston class4 16gb adata class10

 16gb kingston class2 32gb kingston class4

So there’s all the test results, kind of hard to read I think so I decided to make a chart for you, this way it sort of makes things easier. I grabbed the highest read and write speeds for all of the cards and used them for the chart. I used the Read speeds for the ordering of the chart.


Read speeds are decent, the ADATA isn’t the fastest but it’ll do I think. Write speeds though, the ADATA is the fastest by a wide margin.


adat1 adat2 adat4 adat5

The ADATA 16gb microSDHC card isn’t a bad choice to upgrade or add additional storage to your portable device. It performs well, it has decent read and very good write speeds.

All in all I’d say it will work fine for storage. It’s a microSD card, not exactly something exciting, but it’s something we all need.



+Fast write speeds
+Decent performance overall

-Not the fastest read speeds

Overall score-9-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-9-10

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