Review of AR Happy Online 5 Pack SK-68 Ultrafire Mini Cree LED Flashlights

I’ve got a thing for flashlights, I sort of collect them I guess, I’ve got all shapes and sizes and lights that use regular and rechargeable batteries and lights that use incandescent and lights that use LED bulbs, I just find them very useful. I love a deal, who doesn’t really right? Today for review I’ve got five Ultrafire Cree LED flashlights that sell for under $20, that’s all five for under $20, or about $4 each and I think they’re well worth it. These lights are small, palm size, but they’re bright at 350 lumens and they can use a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable one. These lights would be great for just around the house, or outdoors, camping and hiking or just to have one in your car for emergency uses. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

arhappylight1 arhappylight2


The flashlights have labels on them, once side has the Cree logo and the other has the Ultrafire logo. The lights are very well made, they’re black in color and feel very sturdy, durable and just overall rugged. These lights would be great to take camping or hiking or just to keep in your glove compartment for emergencies. The lights are about 3 and 5/8 inches long and about 1 inch thick.



The flashlights have a very sturdy metal clip on them that can be used to attach it to your pants or bag or wherever really. I clip it with the flashlight on the outside of my pocket and it stays in place well.



The lights have an adjustable beam from spot to flood and everything in between. The top 1 inch of the light slides in and out to adjust the focus of the beam from spot to flood and doesn’t really add much length to the lights at all as it only expands the light a further .25 inches when fully extended.



The front lens can be unscrewed to reveal the Cree LED inside and the lens but what’s important to me is the fact that there is a rubber washer inside to keep the elements out.



On the back of the lights is an orange rubber coated button to turn the light on and off and to switch modes from high, low and strobe with each button press. The actual button section unscrews so you can insert the battery which can be a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery. I’d like to note that there is a rubber washer inside the tail switch section as well to keep water out so really the whole light is virtually waterproof. Specs say it can be used in the rain but not submerged. There are seven small holes in a circle around the back section near the switch which could be used for a wrist strap or lanyard.


The flood light is round but when you adjust to the spot you’ll see the familiar square Cree LED look. The lights are rated for 350 lumens which means they’re not super bright like larger flashlights but I think they’re more than bright enough for any use you can think of surely. I’ve been using them every day when I take my dogs out multiple times in the dark at night and they’re more than bright enough to show everything and light up the yard.

arhappylight8 arhappylight9



I could find nothing wrong with these lights at all, in my time with them they work great and I love the small size of them, they can fit right in the palm of your hand but yet light up an entire room.

There re five of these lights and I gave them to my three kids, my wife and kept one for myself and everyone loves them, especially my kids. These lights would be great for any outdoors use, camping hiking or just to have in your toolbox or around the house.

I very much like these lights, they’re very well made and very inexpensive, it’s under $20 for five flashlights so that’s about $4 each. At this price I think they’re very much worth the price.

+Very well made and rugged
+Small and portable
+Dual seals to keep water out
+Single battery

-None that I could find

score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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