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For many years before I did this I was a chef, but due to some health issues I can’t do it anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t cook and I still like kitchen gadgets. The most basic gadget is the can opener, they come in all shapes and sizes and styles and I’ve owned many different ones but never the soft edge style opener. Up for review today I have the Bartelli soft edge automatic electric can opener that opens cans from the top or actually the side and  unlike traditional can openers this one doesn’t leave a sharp edge that you or your kids could get cut on. It’s not a bad can opener overall, I’ve used it several times now and I like it. Read on to learn more…



Let’s start off with a video unboxing for you, then continue on for there:


The packaging is very nice looking. There’s a small window that shows port of the can opener, but it’s a slip style box where the top slides off to reveal the can opener tucked safety inside of a plastic tray.


bartelli2 bartelli3


When you unpack everything you’ll find the can opener and a brief user guide. The one I have is blue but there are other colors available. On the top is a large blue circle which is the power button.



On the bottom you’ll find the actual opening mechanism and a small magnet below it to hold the lid so it doesn’t fall once the can is opened.



The mechanism is just like a stand up can opener in that it consists of a blade and a gear to turn the can. The big difference here is how the blade cuts, it cuts under the lip of the can leaving a clean and less sharp edge.

bartelli6 bartelli7


Specifications and Features


Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

Bartelli soft edge automatic electric can opener will open all your cans easily with one button control. This new and innovative can opener will cut around the side of the can leaving a soft and safe edge that allows you to re-seal the can with ease.

Place the opener on the top of the can, as shown in the above photos, press the button and watch the can opener do all the work. The can opener will attach itself to the top of the can and go around 360 degrees. When it has made a full circle press the button again, and the device will turn off. Lift the can opener along with the re-sealable lid and enjoy your food. The lid is cut on the side, making it easier to store your opened canned goods, keeping them covered and closed till ready to use.

Price: $19.95 (from Amazon at time of review)


The Review

Before I started using the Bartelli can opener I had to put batteries in it, it takes four AA size batteries.




This is one of those products that’s hard to explain how it works and how to use it so I made a video, what better way than a video right?



The Bartelli can opener is very easy to use, you just put it on the can and push the button to start opening and then you push the button again to stop.

The can opener is quiet, at least quieter than my regular electric can opener is.

The magnet holds the can lid in place when you lift it up so it doesn’t fall somewhere and get lost.

When the can is open you can actually put the lid back on until you’re ready to use it.

The can opener is small and simple to use, my kids could use it.

One of the things I like is that it’s small and portable and since it’s battery operated you could take it with you on trips.

I have regular stand up can opener that is electric and it does work faster than the Bartelli does. I think that might be my only complaint is that it’s kind of slow at opening cans.



The Bartelli soft edge automatic can opener is small and portable and it’s very simple to use that even you kids can use it. Since the can opener creates a soft edge the can lids aren’t sharp like a regular can opener produces which is of course a lot safer.

Once the lid is removed from the can you can actually put it back on, it fits right back on the can.

Since it’s battery operated and small it’s very portable meaning it would be great to take on trips, maybe camping or hiking.


+Nicely made
+Simple to use
+Small and portable

-A bit slow



Grading Scores Out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review.

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