Review of BYB Super Bright Portable COB LED Camping Lantern

I’ve got another product from BYB for review today, it’s another light yes, but this is different as it has a COB LED in it and it’s a lantern and not a flashlight. This lantern is very bright and easy to use, you can also adjust the brightness of it just by sliding it up or down. All in all it’s a great product but not perfect. Read on to learn more…

Specifications and Features

byblantern1 byblantern2


The lamp is made of plastic and it’s black in color with he BYB logo on the front. The lantern has an industrial or military look and feel to it I think, it looks rugged. The lantern is about 5 inches high and just under 3.5 inches across at the base which is the widest part and the top is tapered from about 3.25 down to 2.25 inches.



On the left and right sides are metal handles that are used to carry the lantern and to open it up to turn it on and adjust the brightness. The handles themselves are about 3.25 inches long and seem more than strong enough to hold the weight of the lantern.



When opened or extended the lantern measures at slightly under 7.25 inches but about 10 inches if you include the handles in that measurement.



The lantern uses a COB LED for the light source which tends to throw off more light to a wider area than a regular LED would like you’d have in a flashlight. The COB LED is three sided with 10 LEDs on each side for a total of 30 of them but how a COB LED works you can barely see the individual LEDs as they just blend together into what looks like a single LED. The top and bottom and sides around the LED are reflective to better distribute the light around and make things brighter.



The bottom twists off to exposes the battery compartment where three AA batteries fit in for power. I’d like to note that the top comes off as well, it unscrews and it’s just an empty compartment which coincidentally fits three AA batteries just fine so you can carry spares if you want or you can put whatever else you might need in there. I have to mention that neither the top nor bottom have any kind of rubber gasket to keep the elements or water out. The product tile and specs mention it’s water resistant in one part and then waterproof in another so I’m not sure how they can make either claim as there’s nothing to stop the water from getting in it seems to me. Personally I’ll be adding rubber gaskets to the top and bottom which is easy to do.

byblantern7 byblantern8


To turn on the lantern you just pull up on the handles which powers on the LED and exposes it at the same time. You can adjust the brightness of the lantern just by moving it up and down to let out more or less light from the LED. It’s fairly easy to pull it out but there is some resistance, more than enough so you can set the brightness and it will stay where you put it even if you were hanging it from the handles. The light is very bright, you really cannot look at it even for a few seconds without it hurting your eyes and leaving behind an afterimage or even causing flash blindness in the dark. The picture below doesn’t look that bright because my camera automatically adjusts for the brightness but it is very bright, it can easily light up the inside of a tent or room or a pathway in the dark.




As is I like this lamp a lot, it’s very bright, well made, looks great and it’s easy to use but it could use some slight improvements like the addition of rubber gaskets on the top and bottom compartments.

The lantern is lightweight to be easily taken with you and not add much weight and it’s fairly small in size too. This lamp would be fine for camping, hiking or just for emergency use in the house.


+Very bright
+Easily adjustable brightness
+Compartment for extra batteries etc on top
+Simple to use

-No seals at all to keep water out



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-7-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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