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Up for review today I’ve got a product for the outdoors, camping, hiking etc or just to be used in an emergency. The product is a knife from Comenzar but it’s more than a knife as it has a built-in LED flashlight, seat belt cutter, glass breaker, fire starter and even a bottle opener. The knife itself is very sturdy and well made, I was surprised by the quality of it as it doesn’t really cost that much. Read on to learn more..

Specifications and Features

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The knife red and black and has what I originally though was a forest type of camo pattern on it but looking closer you’ll see it’s actually skulls all mashed together which is fine too. The knife seems well made and it’s fairly heavy and it seems solidly constructed. On the back is a sturdy belt clip, it’s hard to move really so it should keep the knife secure where you clip it. The knife is 5 inches in length and just slightly over 1.5 inches wide at the widest point and it’s about .75 inches thick which includes the belt clip part that sticks out from the knife.

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The back of the knife is sort of C shaped and inside of the C is a blade that acts as a seat belt cutter in an emergency. I did not test it on a seat belt, but I tested it on an old camera strap and a piece of seven strand paracord and it did cut it after a few tries, it’s not razor sharp but it cuts.  On the very end of the knife is a pointed piece of metal that sticks out, it’s not sharp though, it’s a glass breaker actually.

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The knife opens to a length of about 8.75 inches from the tip of the blade to the glass breaker on the end of the knife. The blade itself is just a hair over 3.5 inches long and it’s just under 1 inch wide. The blade is divided into a double edge and then serrated, the straight edge is about 2.25 inches and the rest of course is serrated. On the back edge of the knife is a bottle opener and there’s a little thumb knob at it were to help you open the knife. The knife opens very  fast as it is spring assisted and here lies the problem for me, nowhere in the description does it mention that it’s spring assisted. For some people this might not be an issue but where I live automatic knives are illegal and many police officers consider a spring assisted knife an automatic knife and you will be charged with a crime for carrying one. Yes I can own it and keep it in a collection in my home but I’m not allowed to carry one outside of the house so this knife is pointless for me as I would never carry it and risk legal problems. Technically it’s not an automatic knife or switchblade and yes you can fight it and win (many people have) but that’s a lot of hassle, possible jail time and fines and just generally making your life miserable so it’s just not worth it in my opinion.  It all depends where you live, but you’ll need to check your local laws about being able to carry a knife like this. It all depends on the laws really and what kind of mood the officer is in as well. I had my Leatherman Wave Multitool confiscated because butterfly knives are also illegal to carry here, everyone knows it’s not a butterfly knife, it opens to a pair of pliers and not even a knife, but that didn’t stop them from taking it from me saying it was illegal to carry a butterfly knife. All I have to say is check the laws and be careful before and after purchasing.

Regarding the blade sharpness, it’s not very sharp, you won’t be shaving with it that’s for sure. I tried to cut seven strand paracord with it and it struggled getting through it, it does have an edge on it but I would sharpen before I took it anywhere and had to actually rely on it cutting things.


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The knife locks by a liner style lock and it locks very well, it’s tight and the piece of metal that is the locking mechanism is strong and thick. It does not move very easily which I think is a good thing as it won’t accidentally unlock and/or close. I have to say there is no wiggle to the blade at all, it’s held in place very well.



On the top of the knife is a small LED flashlight that I think is rather handy, it slides into the frame of the knife and is held in place by a magnet on the back end of it. The light uses four tiny AG1 button batteries for power, these things are so small I had to get a magnifying glass to read the number off of them. The light turns on and off by twisting it and inside is a rubber O-ring to keep water out. For a tiny little light, it’s only about 1.5 inches long, it’s fairly bright, more than bright enough to see around a toolbox or in your car in the dark and even help light the way on a dark path. I’m not sure how long the batteries will last though, but I would have much preferred a rechargeable option for the light honestly. I should note that when the knife first arrives there is a small round white plastic cover that needs to be removed on the end of the batteries before it will work.


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On the back of the knife you’ll find the magnesium fire starter stick inside of the knife, it’s held in just by friction and it is held tightly in place so you won’t have to worry about it falling out. The stick does have a black coating on it that will need to be scraped off before you can make sparks and I used the knife edge of the blade and it came right off and created nice large and bright sparks.

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Overall the Comenzar Rescue Survival knife is decently made for what it is and how much it costs, it’s much better than I expected it to be honestly. The knife feels sturdy and well made and the blade is held tight with no wiggle at all. The blade comes out very fast with just a very slight flick of the thumb as it is spring assisted. You really just have to push on the thumb knob less than .25 inches before the spring takes over and swings the knife open quickly.

The knife has multiple uses and it would be great for camping, hiking or just keeping in your car for emergencies. The blade is sharp but it can be sharper in my opinion.

The sheath is very thin and I really don’t think it will last long at all, but it has a very sturdy clip on it so you might not even need the sheath anyway.

Again it is a spring assisted knife so you need to be careful concerning the legalities of carrying this style of knife where you live.


+Very well made and sturdy knife
+Multiple uses
+Sharp enough for most things

-Spring assisted can be illegal depending where you are
-Multiple tiny batteries for LED light
-Blade will need sharpened better
-Sheath isn’t the best

score-9-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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