Review of D8 iBag 8000mAh External Battery

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For a new company, D8 seems to know what it’s doing and what a consumer might want. The iBag 8000mAh battery is small in size but large in capacity and low in price, these three things make it an attractive product surely for those wanting or needing extra power on the go.

The iBag comes with common tips for charging so you won’t have to carry an assortment of cables with you, but it does have standard USB ports so you don’t need to use the tips if you don’t want or if you lose them.  The iBag can charge most anything that can charge over USB as long as you’ve got the cable for it.

The iBag can charge two things at once which will surely come in handy since we live in such a mobile society now with more than one mobile device being carried daily.

The D8 iBag battery is rather large so I’m not sure I’d carry it everyday with me, but you could just toss it in your bag and go if need be. I’d use it for more of a weekend thing and I’d use a smaller or more portable battery for everyday use. Don’t get me wrong though, you could carry it everyday as it’s not that heavy and really not that big overall, I just wouldn’t do it myself as it just seems like overkill for daily use. Then again you could be one of those people that needs this much power everyday, so it all depends on your needs I guess…

Overall the iBag works great and functions as it should but I would have liked to have seen a carrying case and a second USB cable included with it.



9 recommended5




+Very inexpensive
+Dual charging
+Simple to use
+Standard USB ports for charging
+Well made
+Portable and lightweight
+Multiple color options

-No carrying case
-Only one USB cable included

Design / Aestheticscore-9-10
Value / Pricescore-10-10
Performance / Usagescore-10-10

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