Review of Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse 2014 Model


Testing and Usage

Here’s the Feenix logo on the back of the mouse all lit up, yes it’s fairly bright, especially in the dark and it just looks great.



Here’s the front, the Nascita has headlights! Well sort of headlights, they’re not very bright, but they are unique.



The LCD display and the Nascita logo lights up white, the display is very bright.



The DPI goes from 800 up to 8200, the settings are 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, 6400, and then 8200.

nascita18 nascita19




The first thing I noticed when using the mouse is it just glides effortlessly, on the right mousepad of course. I used it on plastic, glass and cloth pads and right on my desk surface. On the plastic and glass it just glides with no problems, on the cloth there was slight drag as expected but it still slid very easily. I use a mouse bungee and the cord can actually push the mouse by itself on a plastic pad, that’s how well the feet are designed.

I’m the type of person who uses my mouse for everything, I don’t switch mice for everyday use and gaming, I shouldn’t have to really. I found the Nascita up to the task of anything, from just everyday work to gaming for hours and hours. I play all types of games from casual and RPG and RTS style to FPS and the Nascita worked perfect and never missed a movement and there was no discernible lag. Every movement I made translated perfectly in game, I couldn’t be happier with the Nascita, it’s just a great mouse all around.

The one thing that does slightly bother me about the Nascita is that it doesn’t remember the last DPI setting you used before you turned off the computer. Most every other mouse I’ve used will remember the last DPI setting, but the Nascita doesn’t, you have to adjust it every time you turn the computer on.  It’s not that big of an issue, just an annoyance really, a few clicks and it’s fixed, but if you’re accustomed to mice that remember the setting you’ll find it annoying as I do.



I love the design of the Nascita, it just feels very good in the hand. It does have a soft and smooth texture to it but yet it provides a solid grip no matter how fast or slow you move the mouse around.

The Nascita is designed for right handed users which for me is fine as I’m right handed, so all I can say is sorry to the left handed users.

The scroll wheel is silent when spinning it but you can feel the clicks. The wheel is nice and large and has a textured rubber on it for grip. The wheel works perfectly fine, no issues there, it’s smooth scrolling and works accurately.

The right and left buttons are very sensitive and they do have an audible click. The buttons can be activated all the way back to the DPI button, which is about the center of the mouse so no matter the style of grip you use you can activate the buttons.



Included with the Nascita is a card with support information on it and I was curious about the ‘personal support manager’ so I emailed my support person and I received a response the same day, which is very good. I didn’t expect a response the same day, the next day would have been fine, but the same day is even better.