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When I got the press release about the product I have for review today I was a bit skeptical at first and I honestly thought it was kind of goofy, but then I thought about a little more and I came to the conclusion that it’s actually rather useful and kind of cool. Today for review I have a product from Genius called the Energy Mouse and not only is it wireless but it has a built-in battery. Ok, so yes most any wireless mouse has a built-in battery but this one isn’t just for the mouse, it’s a power source that can be used to charge your smartphone. The battery inside of the Energy Mouse is 2700mAh in capacity and depending on the battery in your phone you could possibly get a couple charges out of it. So read on to learn more…




The packaging is plastic box with cardboard insert and then a plastic tray holding the mouse and accessories, overall it’s packaged very well.


 energy2 energy3


It’s a big box for what’s included really, inside you’ll find a user manual, microUSB cable, wireless receiver and the mouse itself.



The USB cable has a standard connection on one end and a microUSB connection on the other. The wireless receiver is very small, about the size of a quarter as you can see below.

energy5 energy6


The mouse I got for review is a metallic blue in color but you can get it in silver, pink or metallic red.

energy7 energy8


On the bottom front of the mouse you’ll find a microUSB port, this is used for charging the mouse and the battery inside. The Energy Mouse has a battery for charging your phone but also a reserve for the mouse itself so you can keep using it even after you charge your phone.



On the bottom of the back you’ll find a standard USB port, this is for charging from, to charge your phone or other USB charging enabled devices.



On the right and left sides of the Energy Mouse is just rubber grips, yes there are no side buttons on this mouse.

energy11 energy12


On the top you’ll find the two regular buttons along with a scroll wheel and a smaller button with a power indicator on it. The button is used to power on the battery for charging. Towards the back you’ll find four LEDs, these are the indicator lights for the battery capacity. Each LED stands for 25%, so four of them is 100% obviously.

energy13 energy14


The bottom is rather plain with four feet, the sensor and power switch.



The Energy Mouse has built-in storage for the wireless receiver, it just slides into place and actually stays there well.

energy16 energy17




Specifications and Features




The Energy mouse comes with the regular microUSB cable which works fine with my HTC One as that’s how it charges. The interesting thing about charging is that I found the mouse itself doesn’t have to be powered on, you just have to push the power button on the top of the mouse to initiate charging. The LEDs light up to let you know it’s ready to go and it will start charging. It’s USB so it charges just as fast as if I had it connected to my computer, no surprise there.

energy20 energy19


Since the mouse has a regular USB connector on it you can charge anything really that can be charged via USB as long as you have the cable that came with it. For example I charged my ZuneHD with the Energy Mouse, so anything really can be charged.


So yes it’s a battery to charge your phone or whatever, but foremost I think it’s a mouse.

To use it as a mouse you’ll plug in the little USB dongle and turn the mouse on, I’m using Windows 7 X64 and it automatically installed the drivers and I was ready to go.

The first thing you’ll notice is the mouse is fast, it’s a bit disconcerting actually, at least it was for me. The mouse runs at 1200dpi which to me is fairly fast, I use the Mionix Naos 5000 as my regular mouse for normal use and for gaming and I only use 1170dpi with that as my highest setting for some games, I like slower for general usage. That’s just me of course, some people like faster, some people like slower, so it took me quite a while to get accustomed to using it.

The mouse does have nice feet on it, they’re very slick and they let the Energy Mouse just easily glide across my mouse pad.

I tried the mouse on cloth and glass pads and just my desk and it worked fine on all the surfaces, tracking was great as good as my Naos 5000 gaming mouse.

I should note that the mouse is fairly heavy since it has the extra battery in it and normally portable mice like this are much lighter in weight. Just something to keep in mind.

One of the the things I don’t like about this mouse is the lack of extra buttons. Every mouse I use has buttons for browsing, forward and backwards, and I really miss them while using the Energy Mouse. The mouse is large enough I think to accommodate two extra buttons so I’m not sure why they didn’t add them.

The price is under $30 at Amazon right now and for the convenience of it I think it’s worth it surely.




The Genius Energy Mouse is certainly something that I think can be an invaluable asset to those that travel a lot of even if you don’t.

The Energy Mouse let’s you travel light, and that’s a good thing, with this mouse you won’t need to bring your charger for your phone as you can charge it right from the mouse.

The mouse tracks very well on pretty much any surface so you can use a mouse pad or just use your desk or table that you’re working on.

The Energy mouse comes with a microUSB cable that is used to charge the mouse itself, but it can be reversed to change anything with a microUSB port. The mouse has a regular USB connection on it that will allow you to charge anything that can be charged over USB, so you can use it to charge more than just your phone.

The Energy Mouse has two regular buttons but sadly it’s lacking any other buttons like those you might use for browsing that most other mice have.

The mouse is fairly inexpensive for what it is really and I think it’s a really convenient gadget.

9 recommended5


+Dual battery one for mouse and one for charging
+Regular USB for charging most anything
+Accurate tracking on most any surface

-Some might not like the high DPI
-No carrying case
-Limited buttons

Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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