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Today’s review item is certainly a different type of iPad case. The HandStand for iPad is exactly what it sounds like; a case made for holding the iPad with one hand. It is the first case that I have reviewed that has a built in hand strap. The case is composed of flexible silicone to keep the iPad safe from harm while using an elastic strap to carry the Apple tablet around.

This stand gained some notoriety by being mentioned on the Howard Stern show for use in onanistic endeavors; which I don’t think was the market the creators were targeting. To each his own, I guess.

Currently it is only available for the original iPad version, but their website, the iPad 2 version will be out in mid May.

The HandStand arrives in an orange cardboard package with the device pictured in front along with a smaller picture of a hand holding the case through the back hand strap. The back of the box describes the device along with displaying two other images.

HandStand01 HandStand02

Inside the package we find the HandStand, a card describing its features and a warranty sheet.


The HandStand is very similar to other silicone-based iPad cases in feel and texture. It is an all black case made of molded polyurethane. What sets it apart from other similar style cases is the built in HandPad.

Looking at the inside of the HandStand we see a felt padded disc, which functions as the pivot for the outside HandPad. On the sides are two depressions for the outer two ridges on the back of the case.

HandStand04 HandStand05

There are openings for the dock connector, speakers, mute switch and headphone jacks with silicone-coated buttons overlaying the power and volume controls.

HandStand06 HandStand07 HandStand08 HandStand09

Flipping the HandStand over on to its back reveals the curved HandPad. This disc includes an elevated ridge for maintaining a solid grip on the case to keep from dropping one’s iPad. It is shaped to allow the users fingers to conform into a comfortable curved state. The disk rotates in a 360 degree fashion. The strap is made of heavy duty elastic and is designed as a one size fits all.

HandStand10 HandStand11

The disc was designed to function as a landscape or portrait oriented stand as well.



In terms of protection the HandStand seems like it would protect the iPad from most minor to moderate trauma. The front of the case wraps around the iPad to give it a protective bezel that any case worth its salt should provide. Of course you still have to deal with the exposed iPad screen, but unless you have a folio case that is almost always an issue.


Resting the HandStand upon the HandPad creates a low profile angle that is ideal for typing, but not movie viewing. Maybe in the future they will add a retractable stand for horizontal and vertical screen viewing when resting on a flat surface.


Of course the HandPad is what sets this case apart from the competition. Slipping on the elastic band is simple and holding it is relatively comfortable. There is little to no strain felt on the hand when holding the HandStand encased iPad. The feeling I experience using the HandStand was the iPad was my shield and I was preparing for a joust. It is a very strange sensation to carry around the iPad in this fashion. Functionally the iPad was easy to use, although typing is obviously limited to one hand which may bother some folks.

HandStand15 HandStand16 HandStand17 HandStand18 HandStand19 HandStand20

HandStand01 HandStand04 HandStand12 HandStand15


Overall the HandStand is most certainly a novel concept. It’s built in hand strap and rotating disk on it’s back section make the iPad feel like a shield more than a tablet device. It is ideal for those who need to use and iPad in an “on the go” type setting where carrying the iPad for long periods may become ergonomically tiring.

For the folks who rest their iPad on their lap this may not be the case you’d want to invest in. Personally I think it is a niche style case; one that I would use from time to time but not as my everyday iPad cover. For others it may be an ergonomic lifesaver.


+Well constructed iPad case
+Built in handstrap
+Ergonomically designed

-Does not work as a horizontal or vertical stand


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  1. April 22, 2011 at 9:57 am

    The HandStand for iPad is exactly what it sounds like; a case made for holding the iPad with one hand. It is the first case that I have reviewed that has a built in hand strap.

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