Review of FUTURE SONICS: Atrio M5 Special Edition (ASE) Earphones

A few years ago, almost three to be exact, I reviewed the Future Sonics Atrio M5 earphones and I found them to be an excellent product. To this day my opinion hasn’t changed of them, I still grab them first even though I’ve got many others to pick from. Future Sonics though isn’t he type of company to leave well enough alone and they just had to go an improve upon on one of the best sounding earphones on the market. Aesthetically they haven’t changed, the internal workings have been improved with a new version of their proprietary drivers that offer a wider range of frequencies and just all around better specs. The set or kit I have today is the special edition that is green, this kit features packaging made from recycled materials  and a carrying case made from used rubber inner tubes.

Well let’s start this off with an unboxing video:

atrio1 atrio2

Inside you’ll find documentation, case, the Atrio M5s and a bag of accessories.


Inside the bag is three more bags containing foam and silicone ear buds covers along with a cleaning tool.


Here’s the bags unpacked for a better look. The foam covers are two colors and several different sizes. The earbuds come with one set of silicone baffle style buds installed, medium sized and then there are two more sizes in the bag. The cleaning tools is basically a plastic rod with as thin metal loop on the end that is used to clean the insides of the earphones of wax, dirt etc that can degrade sound performance.

atrio5 atrio6 atrio7

The Atrio earphones come with a nice long 51” cable, I can very much appreciate that as I hate it when cables are too short.


The earphones I got for review are the special edition chocolate brown in color. Not my favorite color, but it’s better than pink that’s for sure. The earphones are oddly shaped, but they’re supposed to be and they’re much larger than others are. It’s the design to fit everything in there of course.

atrio12 atrio13

To switch the covers you can just slide them off, they do offer a bit of resistance so they stay on.


The case is black as you might expect from something made from recycled inner tubes. The great thing about how they’re made, besides recycling something, is that each one is unique, you won’t find another exactly like yours out there. The case feels thick and durable, it has two zippers and a clip or ring on the back.


When you open it up you’ll find two mesh compartments to hold the headphones and additional earbud covers. The case should offer more than enough protection for the Atrio M5s that they hold inside.



atrio1 atrio3 atrio8 atrio11

The new, improved Atrio M5 earphones are just as good as the original, only better.

If you’re looking for the best sound for the price then these are what you want.

The Atrio M5s are well made that’s for sure. Yes they are plastic, but they’re lightweight and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The cables are nice and long, you’ll be able to have your media player anywhere on your person and have enough cable to get the job done.

I know there are people that might consider $200+ for a set of earphones expensive, but if you like your music then you need a good set of earphones. People buy media players to listen to the music they like but yet they still use the included earbuds that just don’t perform well and I have to wonder why. Why do people spend hundred of dollars on an MP3 player and then use the stock earbuds, it makes no sense to me.


+Excellent sound
+Nice long cable
+Good noise reduction
+Comfortable for long periods
+Very well made

-Might be considered expensive

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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